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    Dear Ouch 8-s

    I dont really want it to route through the laptop, I just need the 2nd router to get internet connection from the first and then hardwire the xbox to the second router. I cant seem to get the second router to get connected. Any ideas?
  2. Luv2Gamble

    Dear Ouch 8-s

    Dear Ouch 8-sI want(need) to hook up Xbox live but my router is upstairs and across the whole house. So instead of buying the wireless card for the xbox, is it possible to hook up the xbox to the comp I have downstairs? I have a wireless router at the office comp ustairs and downstairs i have my comp hooked up with a wireless card. I do however have another router sitting around, so is it possible to get the Internet to the downstairs computer through a wireless card and then put that through to my xbox with a different router? Not 100% computer related, but I figured this was easier than call
  3. OP clearly forgot to add a small part to the story. It is true that he said nothing to instigate the punch, but he failed to mention the fact that he yelled "hey" to the bouncer and proceeded to show him the goat. In turn the bouncer became a bit jealous/hard and smashed him.
  4. Is gatorpay any good? How long does it take to get set up?
  5. I haven't had money online in a while, I just went to load money onto my epassporte account, it says it takes 7 business days. Is there any other way to deposit faster? I will have to wait untill the 15th if i deposit right now, and that is just to get the money onto epassporte. Once it is on epassporte, is it an instant transfer to FTP or Stars?
  6. Its about 3 hrs from Buffalo. I live about 30 mins from Turning Stone So i am there pretty frequently. Its a nice place to play.
  7. You just gonna sit there and do your taxes Ness?
  8. I never had money in my neteller account, I had my checking account linked to it. Now the instacash is off though. a little too late. I just deposited with an echeck thing or something.
  9. I was in the group of people that had about $800 hacked out of the neteller accounts, and im ready to get back online and playing. FT just declined my debit card so now Im unsure of what to do. I was given a new secure id but i havent used neteller yet. I dont know if I want to use them again. They said it was a virus or something and i got my computer checked out and it was ok, but what if i get hacked again? Is firepay any good? Im going to change my email and login passwords but i dont know what else i can do to prevent my account from getting hacked.Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Where do you live, I go to turning stone all the time. I live in Cicero.
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