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  1. I added micro stakes to the Add, Edit and Settings page. I'll remove the 002/004 entry from your custom stakes.
  2. If this is all it takes for him to off himself, how long is he gonna last in the first place?
  3. This is good info, thanks.I fixed the Total Sessions part. I'm still trying to figure out why the math is wrong for some of them. If anyone knows/cares, this is the PHP I wrote: //total time $t2 = mins($time); $clMins = $t2 + $clMins; $clTime = m2h($clMins); $clTime2 = m2h2($clMins); //total earnings $w1 = $co-$bi; $clEarn = $w1 + $clEarn; #$clEarn = $clEarn - $initBR; //total buy in $cumBI = $bi + $cumBI; //total cash out $cumCO = $co + $cumCO; // post loop $cumBI = $cumBI - $initBR; $cumCO = $cumCO - $initBR; //avg earnings $avgEarn = $clEarn/($num - 1); $avgEarn = number_format($avgEarn,
  4. Lol sry. I guess I fail :-PGlad you're enjoying the app. Ty for the feedback.
  5. Try one more time. I made a mistake earlier.
  6. tyty. this is definitely a work in progress. again, feature requests will more than likely be honored. ty fcp for helping me test this.
  7. my bad. 1 secedit. fixed. i accidentally typed an extra "s." good.
  8. Yeah, fixed. You should have an extra session appearing in your edit box now that you can do what you like with.
  9. Oh wait. I think I know why it says you're down another BI. Checking...
  10. Screenshot?Check your edit page; you may have more sessions than you think.The initial bankroll thing is coming too, but not tonight. I have to give more thought to that. It was a feature that I ended up abandoning a few weeks ago, actually.
  11. Yeah, absolutely make it $22 if that's what it cost you. All I meant above was don't put the + sign, as the script'll reject that.
  12. Okay, until I develop a better option, here's how you can add SNG's and Tourneys.On the settings page, choose "add custom" to add a custom stake. Enter the buy in for the tourney ("22" not "20+2"). Save settings.Go to add session, select "Tournament" or "SNG" from the Game dropdown. Proceed as normal.
  13. Yes, as soon as I change what I'm about to change. Gimme a few mins and I'll post an update.
  14. Sick! That's what I was hoping for. Let me know if anything seems off and I'll fix it asap.
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