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  1. yea those 4.40s seem like an exercise in futility. Like most tournaments i am usually short around the bubble and lose a coin flip to eithee make the money or just miss.I just want to get back to .50 1 and grind out a few hundred a month. Just not sure how to get back. I had always used 20 buy in rule, but play pretty tight, and never ran this bad. I am losing huge pots holding monster hands. Lost 2 pots with full houses today
  2. 78 got it in top set river str8have not played a big hand without at least top 2 and getting the money in ahead.Not sure what to do here.I am thinking punt
  3. Explain? I am willing to listen.$102 nowgot it in with top set... river flush obv. Still encouraged that i am getting it in good for the most part. Except for that KK v AA episode.
  4. Well had a break thru. Got up to 350!!!Sadly Variance came to play and i am back down to 150 OUCH
  5. 4.40 180 mansit and gosI have been playing these for about a week, and have cashed a couple times, but overall in the negative. I think i just need to loosen up a bit. I find myself short stacked near the bubble, and either just make the money or just don't.
  6. I started out playing .5 .10 nl on FCP, and played super tight. Eventually got up to 20 buy in's at that, and moved up.Along the way i played a few small sattelites to 50 dollar buy in tournaments and had a few decent cashes. Eventually i had a roll to bounce back and forth between .25 .50 and .50 1.00 and just regularly made a few hundred a month. Just cant seem to get back on track.. it has been i guess almost a year.
  7. Well here I am starting over.Last year i started playing poker on the old FCP site with 50 bucks, and the hope I would not go broke. I ultimately make just over 6000 and cashed out when the neteller thing hit. I left 24 bucks on FCP which ended up at Stars. Well things have allowed me to play a little poker again. I have grinded my tiny bankroll up to 175.00, but now am stuck. I seem to just be going up an down between 150.00 and 200.00, and am having trouble finding a rythm to get back on a regular profitable track. Today i updated my pokertracker software, and want to get back. Any ti
  8. He and I were on the same flight a few weeks ago from Cleveland to Philadelphia. I wished him luck at the Borgata. He was not a terribly friendly guy.
  9. Has anyone gotten their neteller email yet regarding disbursement of funds to US customers?Be nice to get it some time this year.
  10. They are referring to the fact that is it statistically more likely make a Heart flush than a spade flush, but everybody knows that.
  11. Not a fake post, he got that from texasholdem.com Thats what is posted there. Card player posts that fabrice soullier was all in preflop and hellmuth bet 250k on river and got a call from fuller.
  12. I just cashed out the last of my points and got some knives.... dont know what I am gonna do with them, but they will be here soon.
  13. They are broadcasting live pay per view over the net the final table of 1500 nlhe?Fifty bucks seems steep.
  14. thanksout in thirdwe got it all in on flop I had pr of Aces he had pr kings. Turned a King GG me
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