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  1. So i raise and disagree he is not going to win....
  2. I will donate a post as well.A quiz will be fine right about..... now
  3. I know I am going to sound stupid but can someone explain the joke???
  4. Cheers Huskers12.Dont know why i have seen this question there and i wonderd, maybe it is becouse i used to play a lot of spades (Wist) and there the suit is what calles.Thanks again.
  5. At first i seen this thing i said "what the hell?" but then i was not sure so just for checking.this is what i mean to ask: if hearts rank higher than clubs rank higher than spades, etc?I know it sound stupid but i never tought about it and i know some ppl do play with ranked suit.
  6. Hello.Something i have read in a stupid bets site but i am wondering about it, does suit really matter? what is the law concerning this issue and does it have a difference in ring games and tournaments?"My poker buddy says that in tournaments, if 2 players both have the same hand then they will both get the same share of the pot. I know for a FACT that this is not true and a "hearts" suit will always rank higher! And I'm going to prove my friend that SUITS MATTER right here!" (this is the quote from the site: betsgowild.com)Cheers.
  7. Hello allMy mother tongue is not English and i am reading more and more here in the forum and sometime i have troubles to understand you guys.especially when you start to talk in short cuts (what the hell is a TAG or a regular donk ?)some of these poker slang are really make my life a bit harder so....some one know some web page or a good site to get all these things, i have already looked for but no luckthanks in advance.S.
  8. I go for no too, not that much of good experience with these guys so i did liked it too much.i go for NO!
  9. BTW thanks for the link, but it does not work. if you can find the right one i would be much obligedthanksS.
  10. Really ????why did the web master take it off , sound like a great topic for me.
  11. Someone mentioned the movie "rounders" in a different tread here earlier in the form and it has brought me some good memories.so now guy bring them on.What do you think is the best movie (Hollywood style, don't bring me Bollywood or documentaries) about Poker.Cheers.S.
  12. Rounders, deffently one of the best, poker wise. that just gave me a tought to make a poll.What is the best poker movie ever?
  13. wow that's a lot of posts.I have not expected these much but cheers for you all. Me personally think it does not matter the moment you enter a casino a bit or odds here and there but no real trill like poker.CheersS.
  14. Good pic of Daniel but i am sorry the carpet is not ......
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