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  1. Want opinions on whether this particular hand should have been declared mucked or dead. I'm playing at a local Indian Casino tournament. Blind are at 200/400. I'm on the button with 3000 in chips. 4 callers to me. I have nothing, J 4 c and move all in. Everybody folds except player X-Grandpa. I have Grandpa covered by 1400. He thinks for a few seconds then he flips his cards over (in a forward motion). Cards move forward 6 inches from where he held them and KQ c are exposed. Clearly, after the cards hit the felt and are exposed, Grandpa then says, "call." This happened at least 2 seco
  2. 2 more baby to final table!!!!!!
  3. Full house, baby! Watch the amateurs choke under presssure. How awesome would it be for Scotty to be heads up with some amateur and say again, while having a beer in one hand,"If you call, baby, it's all over!"
  4. But compared to the blind structure he is not short stacked.
  5. Scotty Nyugen makes the final 18. 9 more and he makes the Final Table. Where is Kevin McBride? Has to be considered one of the best if he wins, baby.
  6. Sheiky crossed the line. One of these days, he is going to be punched right at the table. If someone did that to me at the table, including Sheiky, they would have my right cross on their jaw. Not saying that is the appropriate, mature thing to do, but what somebody (mean spirited and not joking) disrespects you like that, that is how I resolve the conflict. Other than making fun of your wife or girlfriend or your mother, you can't be much more disrespectful.BTW, I am much bigger than Sheiky.
  7. Recently, I played in a local Indian casino NL tournament. The buy in was $120.00. We got 5000 in chips. Everybody was basically forced to pay an additional $5.00 for 500 additional chips. This $5.00 was to go totally to the dealers. There were 22 tables with 10 at each table. 99% bought the additional $5 so basically every dealer got $50.00 in tips out of this.What is an appropriate tip to leave if you won or got in the top 3? Some of the top finishers made 2,000 to 4000 and only left 50 to 100 bucks in tips. (deals were made) And the dealers were ungrateful. In light of the $5.00 ta
  8. We all know what a good batting average is in baseball and what a good quarterback rating is. I've never seen what a good tournament final table percentage is for a good poker player. For argument sake, assume we are talking tournament buy ins of $10,000 or greater. (besidesWSOP ME, most tournaments would have about the same entries) What % would be considered good for a pro in a year? Considering the amount of entries now in a $10,000 buy in tournament, if a professional made the final table in 5% of the tournaments is that considered average? 10% good? 20% great?
  9. Hankinson is only a 50 minute drive south on I29. Check the website for hours and phone number. They have nightly live games during the week and small tournaments on weekend. There is a popular 5-10 home game in Fargo three times a week. (You can ask players at the casino for more details.)
  10. In my every day experience, law enforcement rarely catches major drug dealers. Instead some drug user gets popped for possession or other charges. And in exchange for a better deal he agrees to work wit the narcs and after much convincing gets a "friend" of him (as a favor) to sell him a small about of ___________ (meth, coke, marihuana, etc.). The transaction is on tape and presto the police have their big drug dealer.Basically, the system recyles and warehouses users in prison and jail. The real drug dealers remain on the street.
  11. An above average high school quaterback could hit 50 yards. However, unless the guy has great technique, i.e., use to play quarterback, or hastremendous arm strength, I doubt he could consistently hit 50 yards.But with one throw and with the wind, you might be in trouble.
  12. If you want to purchase a high quality chip set on Ebay, purchase the 500 WPT/Bellagio Chip set. You can get it for between $90-$150. The clay chips especially from the home of the WPT championship, adds a nice touch to one's home game and collection.
  13. Of course, Raymer is very lucky. But the example was to point out thattournament play is not 90% luck and only 10% skill. NO PROFESSIONAL PLAYER IN THE WORLD WOULD AGREE WITH SMASH'S PERCENTAGES.
  14. As smash pointed out, tournament play is 90% luck and 10% skill. LOL Raymer is 4th in the chip lead with 28 players remaining. Percentage wise he has all ready outlasted a greater number of players in the field than Action Dan's back to back final tables. If tournament play is 90% luck, than Raymer has to be the luckiest man ever because to win in 2004 and survive over 99.5% of this year's field, because the odds to do that would have to be 10,000,000 to 1 based on the fact that luck accounts for NINETY PERCENT OF ONE'S TOURNAMENT SUCCESS.
  15. Poker is 90% luck and only 10% skill. LOL Who is the stupid one?
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