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  1. doin' it for season two as well.Torrents for season 2 will be here.Episode 1 is up.
  2. Google knows all. You just have to know what question to ask.
  3. torrentplease read the note in the blog, i will no longer be making these posts on the boards. just bookmark the blog, or the tracker, and keep your eyes open. you know the schedule of the torrents (hsp, dvd of hsp, and wpt) by now.
  4. FYI: I was told that about 15 minutes is missing from this (not sure how it happened).I'll be posting a "fixed" version, whenever this re-airs.
  5. Kathy continuing to breathe is uncalled for.
  6. LinkyIn which Alan Gohering goes on a -really- weird kind of tilt. And douchebaggery. More post flop play than we've seen this season though, so hooray, and god bless you wacky ur a pee ins, with your plaques and whatnot.
  7. Unless something changed very recently, you can not trade UB TEC's.
  8. torrentOne hour documentary on the life and times of Amarillo Slim, from GSN.
  9. Both torrents should be well seeded now.
  10. linkytomorrow, the amarillo slim documentary
  11. it was the final four of 14, it was late, and we were tired, if that's what you mean :)if we look bad there, you should have seen us about 4 hours later when the post tournament cash game was winding down, and we were straddling, double straddling, triple straddling, and yes, even the legendary quad straddle was brought out.we were pretty delerious. good times.
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