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  1. Holmgren went on vacation thinking they were going to Franchise Hutch. They put the transition tag on him w/o Holmgren's knowledge to save 650K.Minny put in the poison pill (Must be highest paid linemen or it's 100% guarenteed) We couldn't match because Jones makes more.Holmgren comes back from vacation and snaps because the organization fucked up his team. We poison pilled Burleson deal (If he plays more then 4 games in Minnesota a year deal is 100% guarenteed)The End.Obomanu and Taylor will both be great WRs. I'm not worried about RB because I think it's a foregone conclusion we will draft
  2. You lose all credibility there. We have one of the 2-3 best 5 deep WR cores in the leagueFor arguments sake thoughTrufant will be franchised.Hackett will be gone but Obomanu and Taylor will both be ready to contribute next year. We have an excellent DT Marcus Tubbs who has spent the last 2 years on IR. Here's hoping he can stay healthy for a change. My only 2 concerns are Holmgren leaving and Brown leaving. I figure when your kicker leaving is your big concern your doing pretty good.
  3. Extremely undersized speed defense + slippery field conditions = Trouble. It didn't help that we gave SA the ball about 8 times to many Who will fall to us? Mendenhall Felix or Stewart?
  4. So........ How bout that Jonathon Stewart kid?
  5. Maybe they could beat them at Lambeau too? I kid I kid.... Hawks certainly have a shot in this game. My only concern is that people are underestimating Ryan Grant. Everyone seems to think both teams have no running game. Did they not notice Grant almost had a 1000 yard season only starting 10 games? Sounds like a running game to me.I am a Seahawk STH/fan but I can't see this game going well for us unless we score a DEF/ST TD. Predicted Final ScoreGB 24 Sea 23
  6. I have seen this before in a Nucks game last year. To be fair I think it was only a 2 and the shot though. Didn't see this play but if it was as violent as you say I think the call would be acceptable.
  7. I thanked you with Winslow! :)You should have been in playoffs so can't say as I hate the trade for you.. it just didn't work out very well.Start thinking up your offers for McFadden.
  8. Team Questionable made it this far. One good week is all I need. I had my off week this week against GoldenHorde. Now it's time for the kill. 21.5 point underdog?Right where we want to be!
  9. The last good movie I saw was The Departed. And I work at a movie warehouse.What does that tell you about this years movies?I actually enjoyed Shooter more then I probably should have. But realize it wasn't great.Spiderman/Transformers were both horrible. Strutting, dancing, EMO Parker makes me want to kill everyone who had any hand in the making of that movie. True Story
  10. I love how our whole division is flying under the radar. Your all playing for 2nd place anyway. This year and MANY years to come. Nobody can take down the mighty Nucks.
  11. Stupid Nucks fan here butMcCabe makes more thenBieksaMillerWeaverEdlerBourdonSalo Combined?Granted not all those guys are healthy or even playing many/any NHL games but wow. Also, yes I know that Bieksas number goes up to 3.75 next year. I guess I can't really say anything about overpaying while Naslund/Mo makes 9.2 MIL though.
  12. Phychobilly Freakout on expert = End of the GameNo way in hell I'm ever beating it at least :)I thought I'd never get past medium. And then HardBut this one just ain't gunna happen.
  13. I'm not sold on the Vancouver across the chest yet. I love the vintage colors though and the colour change in the orca.I'll take 1 each please.
  14. 2 Game lead in the Wild CardOnly 1 Game behind the Angel's with a HUGE 3 game set coming up next week.WHAT?!?!?! Yes, I'm responding to a post made well over two months ago.
  16. It's still the Orca but it's straight blue and white. I'll try to find a picture.
  17. CJHunt

    Madden 08

    Work at a movie warehouse and have had it since last week. Fantasy Draft in the game is way to predictable if your into that part of it. Game plays better. Animations are better gang tackles actually look and work like they should. Running actually works decently.I'm already sick of the throwing tackle animation. Play it for a week and you'll know what I mean. It is certainly more then a roster update. To be fair I wasn't a big fan of 2K8 but so far Madden looks pretty top notch.
  18. I'm in if you'll have me.I was just saying to myself 5 leagues doesn't seem like quite enough.
  19. I was thinking Trevor Linden. But I cheated and found out I was wrong.
  20. Returns this Wednesday on HBO I'm hoping someone throws it up on piratebay as we have a distinct lack of HBO in Canada. Just letting everyone know in case you missed it.
  21. Some of then are direct quotes if I remember correctly. I don't think they were trying to hide their inspiration. I just like the delivery better in Boiler Room. Maybe I'm too young to have fully enjoyed Glengarry?
  22. Ohlund has a NTC and likes Vancouver? I've heard all the rumours I just don't see how he would waive the NTC.Educate me!
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