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  1. Actually, this week will not be interesting. I bet we all have the same team.
  2. I'm looking for the group, but it is asking for a league ID#, not the mane.
  3. I'm interested, especially since you owe me $20 for my baseball league, Serge. Just call it even and let me know where to send my picks.
  4. Like everyone else said, get well soon Bill.
  5. I have a Mac at home and a PC at work. It is only happening to me on the Mac. I also recently updated Safari, so that must be it.
  6. Love that story, Mr. Sparco. Next time I want to hear about you beating the brat and him going off on you though. Much more fun that way.
  7. Thanks guys. Finally woke up after playing beyond 4am. Buy-in was $175 and yes, EO is stud/8 or better and omaha/8 or better.Probably would have won if I didn't take a brutal beat at the FT, but thats omaha. Still might have won, but they proposed a 5-way deal right before my 8000 BB and right after I won the blinds, so I happily agreed to 2nd. We chopped it by chip count, which favors the big stacks and also favors the guy who was about to but in >5% of his stack for the BB.
  8. A little over 2000. Only 80 players. Seems like whenever it isn't NLHE, nobody shows up.
  9. I took 2nd in the EO tourney at the Bike (Mini-series).
  10. haven't posted on this thread yet cause I got nothin, but I've been following it. Nice reporting guys.And WTG marky, TID. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Thats not the hand in the magazine. The article, which even has a pic of gibler, is an analysis of him getting it all in with 66 vs KQ and holding.
  12. They are lying anyway. Nobody folds 82345.
  13. I play often at the Commerce, mostly 20/40 LHE. Tons of games and most limits go 24/7 every day. 20/40 is not as juicy as it used to be, but still pretty loose with a mixture of good players and fish. Action depends on the table, obv better on weekends. 40/80 is SUPER LAGGY. Haven't played higher, but they usually have 60/120, 80/160 and 100/200 going. Food is free at 20/40 limit and up.I definitely suggest staying at the Commerce. The rooms are very nice and they have a semi-reasonable player rate, but still expect to pay 100+ per night. As far as access goes to LA attractions, Commer
  14. $20 shipped on stars from sloshr99.
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