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  1. DOH...so close...oh well...But we won our mens league championship tonight so that pretty much takes all the sting away from this fantasy loss...Real hockey championship >>> Fantasy hockey championshipWOOT !!!!!!!!GL to the 6 playoff-bound GMs !
  2. This is gold...I had to read this thread, did not expect this kind of story !Way to go, such a cool tale to tell his kiddy buddies'..
  3. Hey guys, just checking in for the first time in a long, long while...Seems like all the FCP hockey cool cats are still around, cheers ! The AHL and FCHL playoffs are on, good luck all GMs !I've been soooo following this pool for the last month, and now it'll all come down to this weekend to see if I'll make the playoffs.My matchup vs. the Captain : G A P +/- PIM PPG PPP SHG SOG FW GS W GAA SV SV% SHO Score Silver Seven AAA 5 16 21 -22 26 1 3 0 102 113 5 1 3.86 96 .865 0 2 The Captain 8 19 27 7 30 2 4 0 87 169 5 2 2.76 86 .896 1 12 I'm down big, but can come back with 2 big nights...I can als
  4. OK, I don't understand why we can't use our IR spots to get to the right number of players, but nobody has brought this up really and we are basically almost through to getting the opening night roster finalized...so please disregard my mini-beef...I will not drop Elliott, but Clutterbuck yes. Instead of Elliott, please drop Chris Neil.
  5. OK, just registered over at Yahoo.I'll move Schneider to the IR to adjust for the lost roster spot.
  6. Ah yes, you'd obviously have a blast out of this one...lol...funny post, the earlier one...Only thing, I didn't think that Bettman would get involved and suspend the players, not sure why you do...
  7. Hey guys, just checking in...I've been off FCP for a while...Having a blast with the pool...I'm sitting on the outside looking in for now, it'll all depend on these last few weeks...Cheers !
  8. Hey guys just checking in here...been off FCP for a bit...This is fine with me...sorry I didn't keep up...You guys are all amazing fantasy baseball GMs and this was a top class league...I just couldn't compete with you guys with the team I had...best of luck DinkDonk into turning it around...Cheers
  9. WOW !!! Sick, sick story...DN, that Friday night in court...insane. I guess the lesson is : SPEAK UP !!!!!!!!!!!Serge, you seem to have gotten away from all the crap by paying a good lawyer 800 $. That's actually really isn't expensive I figure...Bob, that hand with this tilty Louis guy...well that's the best bad beat story ever...rivered quads over the nut full house...ouch.
  10. LOL...Serge, care to explain why you picked up Jason Smith ???
  11. LOL @ this thread starting with gay disclosures...I will probably post here to defend all three teams, although I obviously have some sort of agressions towards both the Pens and Habs.But I can't say I hate them...cause I hate the Leafs...
  12. Actually what I meant with 18 wins would be if a team was lucky enough to have 3 different matchups where their opponent didn't meet the minimum start requirement.It could even be more, not sure how many times it happened altogether last year, I know it happened to me once early in the year, even though I had two #1s (Brodeur and Kolzig). There was a schedule quirk that week and the Devils and Caps played 3 games combined that week. Not sure why either one sat one out, but I gotz screweddd
  13. I was already in the "let's bring it down to 2 minimum starts" camp, but I hadn't thought of this argument and I think it's very interesting.There's a total randomness factor to who will end up winning those weeks when teams can't meet the minimum. A team might get 18 free wins because of this while another was never lucky enough to face a team that wasn't able to meet the minimum. 2 minimum starts isn't really detrimental to anybody now, even if payment has been submitted. It actually seems to give way to more elaborate goaltending strategies to be devised. Hmmm...sounds like more fun, no
  14. I've shipped to Adam too, sometime yesterday after his last post, I see...In !
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