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  1. My sarcasm meter is going through the roof!!Agreed though that I would have no problem with Raymer winning again at least it would shut up the critics.
  2. 1. There all pretty much the same where I've played.2. If you mean like "rigged" software then no where. Basically the bad beats come with the fish calling down with anything though so Party or APPARENTLY Bodog (Damn bastards with their no Candians)3. See Above4. Full Tilt has a 100% up to 600 thats nice if you can deal with the site.5. Which has the best software and Tournament structure?A. PokerStars
  3. I'd love to promote BoDog and tell you how awsome it is! Unfortunatly they don't accept Canadians so they can go to hell!! :-)Play Full Tilt for Razz and Omaha as previously mentioned otherwise it's best to play elsewhere.
  4. Lederer deserves a final table appearance at this point. He always makes good runs but never quite gets there. Hopefully this will be his year.
  5. I couldn't do it in that situation. But I am sure others could have or at the very least will come onto the messageboard and SAY they would have :-)Edit for horrible spelling.
  6. awesome movies you have listed throughout this thread but i havn't seen good will hunting yet but i hear its goodgo watch it NOW :-)Matt Damon as an INSANELY sarcastic supergenious and Robin Williams can't be beat. It's funny and "touching" all at once.
  7. Okay 3 more then I'm done for the night/morningFinding ForresterGood Will HuntingBoth Powerful movies.DOGMADogma just can't be beat. You all know I'm right!!!
  8. Gattaca is part of my collection definetly a high quality movie. I think I had to watch it in school originally. Damn fine show though.
  9. I could name a bunch of well known movies but instead I'll g owith another favourite obscure movie. Cube Cube Zero was decent.It is such a simple movie I dunno why I just really enjoyed it. Cube 2 BLEW hard though.
  10. Something about winning 2.5 million dollars? Seriously we all know that he's no Phil Ivey or DN and we also know luck plays a HUGE role in tournament wins but he had to do something right to get there. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way a Moneymaker fan. I think he's an idiot but he did win the ME so he deserves a bit of credit. Luck or not.
  11. BooksPrimal FearShow of EvilReign in HellJust ordered all 3. Thanks for the tip! :clap: :dance:
  12. Anyone read it yet? I know it's by forum enemy Greenstein but I hear it is a good read. Any thoughts??
  13. That would be pretty amazing. It would defiently make for a good story if nothing else.
  14. Might have to pull it out and watch it tonight now :-) I was unaware that Primal fear was the beginning of a trilogy? Any idea what the other 2 books are called? I read Primal fear a LOONG time ago but I could definetly get into a new book. After I read HP&tHBP OBVIOUSLY.
  15. 25th hour was good i only saw it once and the only thing I remember is his 5 minute monologue into the mirror bitching about everone in new york. it was classic.
  16. no 3 final tables in a row for Action Dan. I'm surprised he's out so early though.
  17. How about Primal Fear? Anyone? Ed Norton is amazing in it and Richard Gere plays his character to perfection. Seriously Ed norton is BY FAR my favourite actor. 1. Primal Fear2. American History X3. Fight Club4. Red Dragon5. Rounders (Obviously) If it wasn't for Death to Smoochy I don't think I would have seen him in a bad movie ever. And even in that HORRIBLE movie he plays his character well.And if anyone hasn't seen Primal Fear go out and rent it tonight. You will be on here thanking me for the suggestion afterwards.
  18. Am I the only one who can't believe how incredibly stupid the people over there are? Tin Foil Hat Central.
  19. UGGGG I'm signed in but can't connect to PP for some reason! Played for about 5 minutes I was at 2500 but who knows where I am now. Is anyone else having any problems connecting or is it just me?
  20. Way to crack those aces! I know i was impressed. Solodell BTW didn't think anyone else was in here. :-)
  21. 3500 at first break. Who else is still in??
  22. Just above 3K. Shown down 2 hands. AA and AKsEveryone's convinced I only play awsome hands.
  23. Back again. Sign up starts at 1210et. Only lasts for about 2 minutes before it's full. How are you playing every night? I'm bored at work and can't ( don't want to) risk playing for money on the off chance I have to go and do some actual work. I think I have to get better at cash games simply so I can play at night. Just started with these freerolls and it definetly helps pass the time. Anyway Good luck again tonight.
  24. 150 bucks eh?BooksSSHTheory of PokerSS2Ace on the RiverMaybe Harrington 1&2 (Haven't read 2 yet)Skip the last 2 and you got enough to do a mini deposit in stars or pacific and play nano's. I'm assuming you don't have a roll of any kind yet?I think thats the way to go. Get some book smarts and some extra table experience. Both come in handy. :-)I'm a newb to the forum so I'm expecting some flames but this is way I would go for a good start.
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