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  1. Meh, now I remember why I didn't play this silly game for a while. Too lazy to put it in proper format.Hero: TTVillian: 99T-7-3-9-9GG.
  2. I tried telling him...Featured Member = No more welcome here.
  3. By the way Tre, huge congratulations on this. I have more than a sneaking suspicion you'll make a hell of a father.
  4. You know that FCP is a Pokerroom skin, right?You realize that 90%+ of the players you're playing on FCP have probably never posted here, right?So, what is your point?
  5. Duh.You have to win every tournament.
  6. I really wish Cardplayer still posted the blind structure. It must be ridiculous for this event...2.2k to under 200 in one day. Yikes.
  7. Although I hate the fact I'm responding to this thread...I've had four royal flushes. Two in limit HE, and one in NL HE and Omaha H/L. Twice in hearts, once in clubs, and once in spades.
  8. I think the point is that he couldn't PM someone because he didn't have an internet connection.Bad beat Zim.
  9. Not the way to instill much trust in the rest of us by flaming someone.Two words:Prove it.
  10. Always sad to see one of the more intelligent posters leave.Have an enjoyable life.
  11. It's like 6:30 your time? This is why you're my hero. See you in Vegas.
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