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  1. And it was at that moment that I realized it was probably time for me to start moving away from my late-nineties style bet sizing...
  2. This also.Considering the stakes, I'm going to put the villain on JT here, or an oddball A6 (in which case you probably won it on the turn).
  3. Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterPokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($0.25+$0.00) t100/t200 ante t25 - 5 playersCO Trixy47: t6,225 Button AK-derish: t2,630 SB 01nofx01: t2,390 BB NewAGEreaper: t2,995 UTG Hero: t17,577 Preflop: (t425) Hero is UTG with (5 players)Hero folds, 2 folds, 01nofx01 calls t100, NewAGEreaper checksFlop: (t525) (2 players)01nofx01 checks, NewAGEreaper checksTurn: (t525) (2 players)01nofx01 bets t200, NewAGEreaper calls t200River: (t925) (2 players)01nofx01 bets t1000, NewAGEreaper raises to t2000, 01nofx01 calls t965 and is all-in01nofx01 showed , and won (4855) with a str
  4. I clicked cashier earlier, it didn't come up until 20 minutes later.
  5. I didn't know Timmy from the Whitest Kids U'Know posted here.
  6. I would have loved to stay but I have a 3 month old at home and have to wake up for work at 0330 tomorrow.
  7. I just left. The real party was going on in the room next door.
  8. Daniel just told Singer that none of the good players wear sunglasses. Singer is the only player at the table wearing them. An obligatory Hellmuth joke soon followed.
  9. I just walked through the room. Those four spectators make up the majority of the observers.
  10. My wife and I will be heading down to scope it out in a bit. I'll post if we get any good pictures.
  11. I'm currently stationed at Keesler AFB here in Biloxi for tech school. Probably going to go scope out the WPT goings on on the 23-24.If anybody wants to go grab a drink or something at the Beau Rivage, drop me a line.
  12. I made my picks. I'll be in Air Force basic training during the series, so I guess I'll find out the results a little late.
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