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  1. My condolences and prayers are with you and your family.-Chris
  2. Sorry, I laughed out loud when I read that due to its inherent obviousness. But yes, the Krab is a fickle creature not easily tamed.
  3. could be dumping....could be a stupid player.....but it could also be a misclick. I've had a couple of those bonehead moments.
  4. You could easily be up against Ax hearts in which case you're drawing to your gutshot or runners. If you hit your flush, it still may not be best, so that must be taken into consideration when figuring outs.
  5. Kidney stones (treatment for and removal of)....again.Back to $.50/1.00
  6. I'm a member of Rob's church. (Mars Hill) He's a great teacher. I always leave having gained some knowledge or new perspective on Christianity and life in general. If you live in the GR area and are looking for a church, give it a try.http://www.mhbcmi.org/findex.html
  7. Any FCPer that lives in West Michigan and is interested in small stakes weekly games with a fun atmosphere and good players, check out my site: www.ckbandit.com. I'm always looking for players.Also there are some other good clubs around West Michigan that play higher stakes. A couple have come together to host a WSOP satellite event. (that I've qualified for )www.aceofclubspoker.comwww.grampa.ccwww.grandrapidspoker.comwww.grandrapidswsop.com
  8. :clap: Lucky bastard :-) I have pics with the guys I play my $10 homegames with...so there!Nice post. I'm jealous.
  9. A Featured Table Fiasco Log: Now that the tables are unbalanced with 21 players remaining, someone needs to be moved from ESPN's featured table to one of the side tables. But as luck would have it, Daniel Negreanu was the player in position to leave. So Negreanu got up to leave the table, but before his mic is removed, it's decided that he'll stay at the featured table, and everyone else will be moved around him. Daniel sheepishly apologizes to the other players, but it's not his fault. There aren't many big names left in the field, and Negreanu is clearly the ratings draw at this point. As Ne
  10. As a side note to the photos, it's good to see TJ is still not giving up on Poker Mountain and all 3 of their players. :-) http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-tournament...s&image_id=3101
  11. Now at my current rate I should be a vet in about......never.
  12. Possibly. I'm going to start some "new" threads to that end.1. Online poker is rigged2. Limit HE doesn't take any skill3. Got wasted, drove home at 110mph won a $100 MTT4. Turned my free $10 into $50 billion5. I would rather move in with 78s than AA6. Online doesn't burn cards, huge house edge. (whoops.. already taken)7. Neverwin/Dreamclown are far superior players than DN.8. Listen to every bad beat I've ever suffered playing like a donk.
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