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  1. I played 1700 hands today at 2/4 - Got KK 12 times and came out one dollar the loser.Never once was I behind preflop and I jammed as best I could before the flop. I lost to AK, and beat AQ, and the rest were complete trash.I know small sample in reality but DAMN
  2. way too big a pot to let go here.... as I have stated on another thread. You call it down, if you win 1 in 10 that you called down your even. Get lucky one more time in there and your up. I know luck really isnt an issue in limit poker, or shouldnt be but ya k now what I mean.Call it down for sure. But just be ready to be in second place.
  3. uggh...sorry.Thats what I get for trying to multi and read these at the same time.If thats the case I check. No need to let someone c/r you when you can get away from it right now for free if your behind.Some may consider it a weak play, but to me its about minimizing losses. Your at a site thats paying you to play. Save the 4 bucks, if your the winner great, but that 4 bucks is a half hour of play at that level.I say check it and see what they have. Could easily be a number of things, especially at this site, and this level.sorry for not reading it correctly the first time.
  4. You have so much money in here, you have to just call.I know it sux and your thinking for sure your behind. But my coach told me, always call it when its heads up. You can call that 4 bucks 10x and hit once and your still even. So if you hit 2x when someoen was trying to steal it your up.
  5. Is there any place you can move that is cheaper than Boston?I mean in many parts of this country 18 bucks an hour is a "good wage" and 30 is an "excellent" wage. Cost of living being so much less and all.I know its not easy to move but may be easier to br some cash. Something to really think about. You might not even have to move very far. I would look into it, if in your situation, why have the 3k in expenses a month when you could have 1500 and literally be doubling your real life profit.Also I would suggest if this does go and is rolling for you. Go see a financial planner and set something
  6. Winning low limit hold'em by Lee Jones.... very good explanations, related Limit more than anything else. But in my opinion when I was new it explaned things alot better than Sklansky who is very math orientated, and hard to follow at times. Its an easy read and fairly small.
  7. I have been playing there for about 4 days. I didnt play alot, maybe 6 table hours or so. In the first week cleared 175 bucks in rake back.Last night I was playing and a rep from the site was playing as well. Asked if anyone had any problems or questions. I asked how the rake back helps the site. How they make any money and will they be able to continue. She said they make so much off the "casino" portion as well as the "sportsbook" portion that the rake from Poker could be given back easily.I think what she was implying is they are getting people there with the poker and hoping they spend the
  8. Ok I just deposited and have played some. Basically learning the site, their graphics etc...Can someone with real world experience give me some amounts they collect hourly at different levels? 2/4 being about the lowest I would play. I just played exactly for one hour. It came out to 10.25 an hour rake back. That seems just a tad high....anyone with any info? Long term like....thanks in advance.
  9. this was taken from our local league board. Im sorry I dont have any other information but this is all I have.So first I dont know why someone is in a live game 1/2 NL raised pot with this hand. But for sake of discussion they are. Here is the exact question as copied.I say its a fold. But to each their own...
  10. I took this from our local "league" discussion board here in Wisconsin.Sorry I dont have all the info regarding position etc, but given the info what do you do? Of course we probably play the game a little different than most of these folks but just interested in opinions.This is a 1/2 cash game, live.
  11. Im out...was short stacked 7k or so... get QQ utg I push bigget one callerflop 55X I push rest way in....I was called utg raise by 45...yikes
  12. should lose a bunch in the next half hour, then will tighten up again....dayum Im tired.
  13. During current Hold'em session you were dealt 126 hands and saw flop: - 7 out of 15 times while in big blind (46%) - 6 out of 15 times while in small blind (40%) - 7 out of 96 times in other positions (7%) - a total of 20 out of 126 (15%) Pots won at showdown - 4 of 6 (66%) Pots won without showdown - 11 Stack: largest 21575, smallest 510, average 8102 Your current position is 52 out of 127
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