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  1. Can we continue to play online poker as long as we don't deposit money? Up to how long do you think it will be safe to keep money in Party or Stars?
  2. Great job! How much was the pay for second? If those 9s held up how much would you have won for first?
  3. What place did he go out in? How much was the payout? GG Prty!
  4. How many entered and what was the first place prize?
  5. Were there any payouts to this event besides the entry to the WPT championship?
  6. Hey all, Im heading to AC next week and have booked a room at the Sands Casino. I got a really good deal for $59 a night. I was wondering if anyone has stayed at this hotel and if so how is it? Also how are the poker games/tournaments here? Thanks for any input.
  7. nice one there hoosier! way to double up
  8. Try www.blogspot.com , the majority of members here use that site.
  9. Just curious to see how nice some of the rushes you guys have been on for a single session of poker. My personal best was about 5x the buy in at a $50 NL table on party poker. I remember reading a while back how someone had over $500 at a $25 table (20x the buy-in).
  10. Played a $33 tourney on Party Poker with about 550 entrants. Got 5th place for $844. I played the same tourney 2 weeks later and this time got 2nd place for $2200. Previous to these cashes my best was a little over $150.
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