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  1. I am loving the comparisons you are making to how casinos would handle this. If you're going to bitch, then go play AT A CASINO. There are plenty in the Detroit area. You chose to play at a BOWLING ALLEY. For some reason, you're expecting a back alley game to play (and be completely honest) the same as a casino does.
  2. Hand One: I don't like the amount of the reraise you make on the flop. I'd probably pop to $50, but no less than $40. You're just pricing them in with the small reraise, if they are drawing to a straight. By the way you played it by 3 betting small, you play yourself into a tough spot. I definitely don't see calling his 4bet - you're either folding or putting him in. I'm prolly putting him in, in the belief that if he flopped a set, he wouldn't be that aggressive and would just call your bet.Hand Two: Raising preflop really is player-specific. While I'd raise to at least 10, I can't fault your
  3. I can see why one would be mad about all this. But you certainly took it to the extremes, and you'll be extremely lucky if you are able to contact ANYONE at FTP that will help you out after the way you have handled things.We get the fact that you want to keep the Biff account open. But they told you in 3 separate emails that won't be possible. Yet in each email, you ask again and again. Face it, Biff account is closed. If you had just asked about how long the transfer of funds would be instead of harping on the account name, you may have gotten an answer.My guess is now they'll take their swee
  4. I saw you were the last poster... and definitely didn't think I'd chuckle. Nice.
  5. The Prime @ Bellagio is amazing. Expensive, but great food and pretty large servings with the samplers. First trip out to Vegas I was told to go there with my peeps and boy, I was amazed. Been back 3 times since, and can never call the trip complete without eating there.Also, last trip out, ate @ Fixx @ Bellagio. Their Wings, while pricey, are unbelievable.
  6. Prolly frowned upon, but anyone able to do an exchange? I can do paypal for stars money. Seems my only option to deposit on stars in to send a western union money order down to Mexico, lol. Prefer easier way. Shoot me a PM if possible.
  7. GoCryWolfe

    Car Talk

    This really isn't a maintenance / car trouble question, but a cosmetic question. As mentioned previously, I have an 04 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (GT1, basic series). I recently purchased new grilles for it from gmpartsdirect.com . I've already got an email into them asking, but they failed to provide installation instructions. These are nothing fancy, just like the factory grille but painted red instead. I found some installation instructions on the interweb for the older model, 97-03, but my model is built differently and they wouldn't apply to my model.So the question is... any ideas where or wh
  8. Assuming you're being facetious. Leaf. Fan. Leaf fan. They suck though. Wings forever. Although you do have the great former Wing Brett Lebda now! sw.
  9. Alright, I'll just take this as internet misconveyance (yes, i do believe I just made that up). I know I have seen him at the table before (once or twice) but do not recall how he plays or even if we ever were involved in a hand before. I thought about moving in on the turn. The thing is, I feel I only get called by a 9 or better. And with only one card to go, why not wait and see what the river brings. Having missed every conceivable draw, I debated what to do on the river, although I did act rather quickly. I figured by betting and not moving in or checking, it could look like a 9 trying to
  10. Did you read the intro? I had been sitting for 45 minutes. Live, that's MAYBE 15 or 20 hands. And that's pushing it. Against a villain I had no recollection of ever playing a hand against (and I have an excellent memory) I'd love to meet someone who can get a reliable read in that amount of time.River Action:Villain checks, Hero bets $80. Horrible? Or just bad? Because there is a difference, lol.
  11. Sorry, out.JJ < AJ AIPF, knew the guy was pushing marginal hands, and was right. Spiked an Ace on the flop, thanks for the stake.
  12. Registered, thanks. T-1hr, 48 mins...
  13. Oh, no doubt I was willing to shove on the flop if he repopped me. When he just called, I figured a check on the turn was the best option.
  14. This was a $1/$2 NL table @ Horseshoe Southern Indiana. Half the table was very deep - 4 players had over $1500. Hero bought in for $300, been there for about 45 minutes. Played with half the table before, once or twice with villain. No reads. Hero has about $400, Villain has about $500 in front of him. On the tail end of 3 sessions over 2 days, very bad sessions. Just seeing what ya'll think.Hero in the C/O, Villain BB. 10 handed table.2 limpers, 4 folds, Hero raises to $12 with 8c7c, Button and SB fold, BB (Villain) raises to $25, 1 limper folds, other limper and hero call. Flop (3 players),
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