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  1. My picks 1 Daniel Negreanu 2 Barry Greenstein 3 Maria Ho 4 Scott Seiver 5 Tom Dwan 6 Jonathan Duhamel 7 Sam Trickett 8 Erik Seidel 9 Joseph Cheong 10 Chris Bjorin 11 John Monnette 12 Matt Glantz 13 Marvin Rettenmaier 14 Dan Shak 15 Jason Somerville
  2. Hi, welcome to fcp Its pretty cool to see a female micro stakes grinder from NSW there's not many out there Good luck with the grind p.s you have an awesome setup
  3. With around 15bb I would probably of gone with the jam pre and just collect the 7,500 chips that are out there. Even if the big blind is a loose player your beating quite alot of his range. The other option i like is just limp in late position and then take advantage of your position post flop by betting on any uncoordinated boards. The problem you have with raising pre when the effective stacks being so short is that players will just start re jamming you and your forced to a decision and you may just have to give up that 5500. Do that a couple times and next thing you know you have 5-6bb
  4. I just want to see Winfred Yu and Daniel Negreanu heads up that would be pretty awesome Yu has survived like 24634 all ins lol
  5. Pretty fair assessment i had a similar read on the situation but i didn't think Daniel filled up, felt like he had 9 8,9 7 or even a 9 10 type of hand. Burns did some commentary after he got knocked out and said he had K6, Understandable tank on the river.
  6. Watching the final table online.. Daniel is absolutely steam rolling over Kahle Burns. Very interested to know what you had i had on J969K board when you re raised the turn and bet 540k on the river. Good luck Daniel, looks like you have pretty good control of the final table.. Time to bring home the bracelet
  7. Hi, not sure if you still wanted feedback on this thread since its over 2 weeks old but here is my two cents To me it looks pretty standard what you did untill the turn, personally id just jam the turn and not see the river.. everything the villain has done upto this point looks super weak and can never ever have a real made hand in this spot. So Jam on the turn would be perferable to collect all the dead money thats out there, if we do get called we have decent equity against the villains range even if the villain's range consist of a pair and a diamond draw. On the flop, with the s
  8. Sorry about the late reply guys been super busy with stuff.Theres been alot of comments about my bet sizing, and this is a topic that id love to get some feed back on even in real life alot of my poker friends say my bet sizing is too small in cash games and tournaments.The reason for my bet sizing is due to being under rolled.Over the last probably 15 months ive had to use my bank roll on real life stuff and busted my roll about 4-5 times due to it and i have to say it gets pretty frustrating rebuilding your roll over and over again even more annoying when you don't bust your roll on poker. S
  9. Hi guys, just wanted some feedback from a few hands i played today.Limit: $80-$200 $1/$2 Blinds 9-max tableThe table: had a sucky table draw had a tough reg to my immdeiate right and half the table was filled with regs, with a couple of TAGs and only 2 standard fish (yea i know could of picked a better table but thats all that was available at the time and i really wanted to play and didn't want to wait an hr for a decent seat to open up)note: Stack sizes are a rough estimate it was a live game.Hand one:- Hero: 4c 5c UTG + 2- 5 players to the flop in a limped pot (pot $10)- Flop: Kc 4s 5d - S
  10. I think this is one of those hands where you just dig it in a holeBy your analysis sounds like your abit tilty when the hand occurred due to bad beats from the villain which may have clouded your judgement through out the hand.Pre-flop calling in that spot is the worst thing to do in my view. There isn't enough information on the villain to assess the villain's hand range accurately, his hand is so polarized in that he can only have the nuts (AA) or nothing pre-flop, If you thought his hand range consisted of pocket pairs ranging from 88-AA and were planning on calling why not jam pre flop if
  11. Nice vid.. good job mate keep it up and good luck ~Ank~
  12. There isnt enough information on your stack sizes, position and the players your against.Case one: your basically at a push or fold range but.. 9 3 off is abit ify, i think you can pick a better spot to get it all in.. i dont understand the rest of that case is there other players re shoving with k10 off and q10 off and a guy with kq called all the shoves? o.OCase two: not sure about stack sizes the play seems fine if your deep enough.. if your only 3-4 bb deep then i think shove pre is fineCase three: did you shove with A 2 off? again not enough information but calling two all in shoves with
  13. Not enough info on the villian.. but pre flop raise from my view is abit big.. mayb go for a smaller raise arnd 2.5.flop 40-50% pot achieves the same result as a 3/4 pot.id call the raise on the flop and let him bluff off his chips.. check call turn and reevalueate on the river.Can also 3 bet the flop and try and get it all in with the best of it.~Ank~
  14. I think pre flop and flop play is fineBy the sounds of things you are playing in a low limit game or even a free roll tournment where most players you face are really passive and dont think to much more then the cards they hold.I think after the flop you out think your self abit.. if you assess their hand ranges on the flop their range mainly consists of flush draws and straight draws.On the turn gives you trips but also completes the villans flush draw range on the flop. Personally id check the turn and probably check muck the turn depending on the villians bet size. Id call if i was getting
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