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  1. Pre-UIEGA Party $5-10, $10-20, and $15-30 LHE.Bellagio late-night and weekend $8-16 and $15-30 LHE last time I was there (which was a while ago).Resorts East Chicago's $10-20 LHE can get ridiculous too.
  2. A10 basketball tournament, WSOP circuit events, etc..What are people's plans? I struck out on getting a poker rate anywhere so it looks like the Quality Inn by the airport. Any thoughts on particularly good games, stuff to do, etc.?
  3. That's because you can make 2 different flushes, whereas with J9s you can only make the one flush.
  4. If the lawyer you talked to said something that induced you to believe you were working toward a settlement (and therefore didn't need to go to the court date), you may be able to get the default judgment against you reversed. It was dumb of you not to either clarify or just show up, but if, and I repeat, if, the lawyer said something specific to you that suggested that you were working toward a settlement and that those talks would be successful, and you therefore didn't need to go to the court date, then you may be able to get the judgment reversed.It's not likely and it depends on whether
  5. I'm done. Couldn't get any hands. KK twice, won ~1400 once and just the blinds and a couple limps the other. A couple other random pots but nothing big enough to survive on.Good luck.
  6. I'm TheCaseA, sitting with about 5k at Duedelingen at the break. Picked up some chips with about 3 minutes left before the break.Should I add on? Quick, I only have 4 min to decide. :-)
  7. I doubled up with KK, the only hand I've seen. Oh, I saw one flop for free from the BB with 23 of spades.Anybody else playing? I presume you can play this one through FCP too?
  8. PM me for my PP SN so you can send my 10%, btw.
  9. Yeah, whatever. It didn't help matters that he flopped top set, either, though you did have a gutshot on the river. It was a decent sized hit but you kept the chiplead.F taking a 5 minute break during HU play at 5:30am. Bust this clown.
  10. Nice bet with the 99, then. I figured it was a kicker fight and he wussed out. He might have folded a 10 though, so good bet. Nice hit with the 33 :)You need to pick on that little stack.Also, you need to give me 10% so I can get my blackjack losses back.Ouch with the J6s v. KK. He had KK last time he was in the BB too.... :icon_doh:WTF, he's had KK 3 times in like 10 hands.
  11. Another nice repop. Finally you aren't the shortstack.This FT seems really weak in general, considering the blinds are so high relative to stack sizes.
  12. Probably, but I don't really remember. Name sounds familiar. I think I ran cross country with your brother and sister - (edit - your cousins, apparently, names removed)Oh, and you're either getting seriously cold-decked or you aren't playing aggressive enough on the short stack, IMO. But I'm only a limit player really. Oh, and a blackjack expert.
  13. Way to fight back from only 11k. Nice reraise with the A9.
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