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  1. I played at the resorts east chicago the other day at their 2-5NL game....The action was the craziest I have ever seen....The standard raise was between $35-50 pre-flop.... I saw many hands go to the flop 5 ways at $100 a pop and see the winning hand being someone hitting a flush on the river with jack 3 of diamonds.....Absolutley a sick game.....Any one else play in this new game or have any similar games they have been in??
  2. It has been a pretty common theme for me on internet sites....I win a mutli-table tourney, cash out about half of it and play cash games and tournies with the rest. However, it always seems that once I have won a multi-table a run ridiculously bad afterward for a rather long peroid of time. And no matter how well I feel I'm playing I always wind up slowly losing what I kept in the account back and having to take a break, re-load and the cycle continues.Overall I am up an ok amount but it could be a lot better.... I dont think its becuase I am a bad cash game player because over my life I have
  3. Daniel, I was just wondering what you think of Doyle Brunson? Do you play any matches with him? if you do, what do you think of his play.
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