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  1. $4502-5 NL I have KQ suitedI raise in 6th pos to $20donk calls in 7thflopKs 2h 7hI bet 30 he raises to 60, I reraise to 160 flat, he callsturn 10cI go all in $170he thinks and callsI show KQhe shows 8-4Hriver heartI lose!Not saying this was a horrible play, but if you play KQ here this aggressively it's a small miracle this doesn't happen to you more often.My biggest beat was at the Foxwoods 10/20 NL cash game during the WPT tourney. Juicy games.I had KK, raised it up to 100, 3 callersFlop came KJ2, I led at pot for 350, 1 call, then 3rd player raised to 1000. I reraised to 3300, he pushed all
  2. Such a pain in the ass going all in, shovelling all your plugs onto the table. Pain in the ass, get it.....
  3. If you learn how to beat the Party SNG structure you can make a small fortune. I'm not sure it is even poker though. Just about knowing when to be tight and when to turn into a maniac.JZSooooo true. I sleep through a couple rounds, then just raise position. Finally, when down to 4, push with any A or pair. Call shortstacks all in with Q high or better. I almost never lose.
  4. I had AA five times in 25 hands last night. Didn't once see a flop :x
  5. The most memorable one I had took place at the Bellagio while playing the 10/20 NL on my first day there.It was shorthanded, 5 of us, and the player to my left was a late 20's, sulking, baggy sweats and messy hair guy who scowled at everyone like he was Sam Grizzle.Anyway after an hour or so it's apparent this guy is a major league shitburger, so I'm basically avoiding conversation until one hand got folded around to us in the blinds and I ask him " would you like to chop?"He turns to me, sneers and spits out " I don't chop, it's ridiculous to chop".So I peek at my cards...KK. " I raise, all i
  6. I'm always annoyed by the responses people give to an honest and very important question such as the OP posted. His question poses legitimate concerns which only Egarim attempted to give credible advice. I'll give my .02 here.Like you, I too have trouble turning off the computer. I have the dubious distinction of having turned 500 into 5000 and losing it on several occasions, and recently made a swing of 100 to 11,200 and then lost 9K of it, all in one day. For those of you who don't think this is common, think again.The biggest problem is self control. For me, I know I AM capable of crushing
  7. 2 seperate times on Full Tilt-once I took $168 into a 5/10 NL game heads up vs. 2Nefarious4U, and ran it up to 2.5K. Took that and turned it to $7896 by the end of the day. Banked 5K and lost the rest the next day.the other time I took $500 to a 5/10 vs Erick Lindgren and Paul Wolfe. I left with 5.5K. Banked most but have managed to give it back over a few months.Yes I'm a losing player overall. I've won over 200K and lost it since Dec. I'm 10K or so in the red, so anyone that wants to cry BS on my rushes can revel in my overall ineptitude.
  8. No, he did not have JJ.He didn't have a FH.He did, in fact, have A K I can't decide if my turn raise was so weak looking that he still believed he was ahead, or if he just put me on a heart draw at that point and went with it, but I can't help but think his play was extrememly weak anyway.And one other thing, I KNEW he didn't have a FH from the way he reacted to my betting and the time he took to play his hand.
  9. If pocket J's, then why the 40 bet on the turn. Similar question for JT.Why hasn't anyone thought QQ-AA yet?
  10. It's not 10-10...A little more info...After the check raise unless he's holding the nuts wouldn't he be inclined to either raise or fold?
  11. 6 handed, limping is a horrid play. Either fold it or raise it, depending on how well you play post flop and how well your opponents have been playing.UTG I'll bring it in for a raise most times, and play the flop cautiously. I'll often fold AT to a raise from any position, but other times I'll reraise with it. Every play should be different, you can't play hands by a chart and expect to fool anyone.
  12. Read on this player is TAG, he seems to be folding when missing and raising rarely to steal in this 6 player game.Hero is in BB with $1670 with K 9 Villain Raises from CO to 35 with $545 behind, all fold to me, I call.Flop is T J 8 I lead out with my open end straight draw for $80, and he calls.Turn is the J , giving me additional outs to my flush draw.I check, and he bets out $40. I raise to $180 repping a J...but he calls.I'm pretty much done with this hand until the river comes, Q I've got the ass end of the straight, with a $600 pot and an opponent with $285 left. I'm probably ca
  13. Playing above my bankroll. It's both made and broke me, multiple times. I'm the guy who puts $500 on a 5/10 NL table and you see with 5K later in the day, only to be broke eventually by continuing to play higher. I've won and lost over 200K since December.I think I do it because I lose at the lower limits. It's tough to grind it out.Before you castigate me, my gambling doesn't affect my bank account overall. I do OK in the private sector.
  14. I've played a little bit with Gigabet online. He's pretty good, seemed to play a solid no frills game every time I've been in the room.
  15. I sell Architectural Hardware and Plumbing to the rich and famous. What this really means is I have people who I've hired to do this for me, and I play poker online pretty much all day unless there is a pressing concern that my guys can't handle...which might happen once a month.Then, when I do travel, I make sure it's near Foxwoods, Turning Stone or AC, that way I can play poker too much and not do my work.Our trade shows are in Vegas, so I pretty much don't attend those either when I'm there.
  16. At the Bellagio 10/20 NL last month, I had a strange day where I couldn't seem to miss a hand or a draw. The highlight was a stretch where I had 4d6d on the button, decided to reraise a player two off the button who had AdQd. He battled me to the river, where I pushed in and he folded to a board of Kd Kc 8d 4c 10h.I showed my hand, and applauded him half jokingly on his laydown (which ironically was a good one.)Lucky for me, my very next three hands were AA, KK and AA I reraised All of them, taking down the first AA vs QQ all in preflop. The second was a perfect scenario, where a preflop rais
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