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  1. While waiting on a holdem seat, i played in a blackjack tournament.had no idea it was for a seat to championship tourny. well to my surprise i won. the main event is may 24th just wondering if anyone could tell me what books or website i can learn how to win this thing. i won the seat with pure luck and had now idea what i was doing.also any sites that have blackjack tourny's play $ so i can practice.thanks
  2. Too everyone that has no one because:lost a girlfriend for not getting up from the table at 10 pm and getting home at 5am.(100th time)lost the money for that special gift on the river to a 1 outer. making her sit in the casino for 7 hrs because the im on a rush.well all are true, but i now have a valentine that loves me with all of her heart. im thinking about asking her the big question!!! (can i borrow some money)good luck to all.my best advice for valentines day is: casinos have some very romantic restaurants
  3. to the OP i would go to some clubs in houston (vip) or dallas (redmans) and find out some info.i think tyler would not be a good location because your too close to LA. good luck with what ever happens.
  4. my wife ask me what i want for x-mas i told her a seat in a wsop event. not the main event because then i would have to get her something really nice.(sw)just wondering if u can pre reg this early for a event ??? what do u want for x-mas?????merry x-mas to all.
  5. sitting next to a big stack, i glance over and can see his cards.(warning #1) hey that was a good fold. a few hands later(warning #2) good bluff. next hand (warning #3) u need to protect your cards. hope your Q's hold up.he covered his cards for about 20 min, then he was back to holding them were me and anyone in a 5 mile radius could see them.do you look and just keep up the warnings? its hard to play poker with your eyes closed. just wondering if this is cheating????topic should say " when is IT ok to cheat at poker"
  6. this has been covered before im sure have not been on in a while.i was looking at an old issue of cardplayer mag doyle b on the front cover, and im looking at his bracelets and i see names on some of them.one of them has bill on it the other has daniel ? just wondering what the names mean.thanks
  7. get as many as you can before they run out CHRIS MONEYMAKER POSTER
  8. me..... as soon as i hit the lottoi feel my chance's are about the same in both games.
  9. you are in the same class as: jferrell, aka conditioner, and many others keep up the good work.
  10. going to LV in dec. just wondering were the best place to play 100 to 500 buy in tourny's are???thanks
  11. I THINK THIS IS the guy that says " quack quack" when he bets
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