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  1. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT ANYBODY WHO SAYS ANYTHING AGAINST DANIEL GETS THEIR THREAD LOCKED. All i said was Jennifer Harman went out with some pretty bad looking guys. That is all i said. I just wanted to know if it is true. Secondly I personally do not find her attractive at all. I have to find her attractive Clowie Gowan not that lady is fine. Please stop the Bull Sh it of locking opinions. It is a free ocuntry adn all i was doing was asking a question. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: God Bless,HAHAHHAA man is such a joke
  2. IS this a joke that i read or is it real? That just shows everybody how jen harman is really not that attractive except against kathy liebert and other poker brutes. am i missing something? Also people say that she used to go out with some really horrible lookers. just asking? her husband now seems out of her league
  3. Listen, you're a troll and that's wonderful. However I think we need to look into your psyche to find resolution for whatever is causing you to act this way.After reviewing some of your recent posts I've found your problem. You have low self-esteem due to a limited wardrobe. You see people walking down the street and you know they have more clothes than you, it really burns you up. 'Why should they have all the garments?' you ask. I understand your pain.But listen to me. We can work through this together. There's a light at the end of your tunnel, the Tunnel of Few Clothes. Tomorrow yo
  4. DEmonde can you get rid of that picture damn. UGLY
  5. yeah fools are us in here especially the two dorky kiss asses econ tim and hsi side kick i own this. damn tools. go kiss daniel's A ss a litle more
  6. You can lock whatver you want. Since that is lal oyu ever do here is lock posts you pathetic mods with no life. But i will say it again. Daniel plays poker and gambles for a living that is not the acts of a godly man. He is liek the murderers in jail they find the bible and gos and they fell vindicated. well not the case man. You need to play poker and stick to poker. Stop preaching because you drink to muc and gamble to much to preach god to anyone
  7. He has fouind God and the bible shall lead his way. But I gamble and drink excessively. Well that is ok because you have found God. Well as i said before you sound liek a criminal that has murdered 10 people adn then finds the bible injail and then finds God and thinks all is forgotten. I mean really man can you please spare me?
  8. IT's called bieng a hypocrite but that is what you get from uneducated people.Not a real person. And at some point in his life he will have to live with that. Like the criminal who kills 5 people and then claims to have found God. God Bless,DanielI mean whatever,Teacher keepn it real
  9. Now that is funny!! It is imperative. HAHA HA Just gave my father the best laugh he has had in years. He had tears running down his face.I like the way you avoided my points... I suggest you continue doing that because your agruments are HORRIBLE. Hey' date=' I think your father is calling you, is it your bedtime? lol i just had to do that.[/quote']you have no vlaid points. i will debate with you all day. you ar a daniel lacky no need to argue with you when you suck his d ick all day
  10. GED or no GED the man is a F****g genius.Second funniest thing i heard all day. This has me in tears. What makes him a genius? His diet and his poker 2004. Besides that one year in poker and his diet of veggies and alcohol and weed. He has proven himself to be a complete buffoon
  11. And as for bashing liberals... well I have written extensively on this issue and do not have the inclination to explain to you why liberalism is not only "not evil" but it is actually imperative to this country's existence. Take care.Now that is funny!! It is imperative. HAHA HA Just gave my father the best laugh he has had in years. He had tears running down his face.
  12. Cigarettes do not make you high!! Not at all!! Marijuana slows the brain process down. Look I am not going to debate this. Marijuana and Cigarettes are noth terrible for you. But One affects the mind the other affects the lungs and inside. Marijuana fries the brain. So many og my friends who smoke a lot of marijuana are so burnt now. They are so much slower to react even when they are not high and they have no motivation. Kids in middle school even say they hate cigarettes but they like marijuana. They like to get high. It is not that easy for them to get right now at there age. Plus
  13. OH Daniel Daniel Daniel!!!! The whole picture well how about the 10 year olds who will very easily be able to get marijuana. cigarettes does not do what marijuana does to the brain. God you are some hypocrite!! You eat all this healthy shit but you you can drink and smoke marijuana and that is ok. Man your analogies are that of a 1st grader. You have nos ense of the overall picture. Marijuana affects the mind cigarettes destroy the human body. I hate cigarettes too. But at least they do not affect the way the mind works. Go eat some Tofu and have a 6 pack and bong hit. Now there is th
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