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  1. no.. its the worst tournament on pokerstars.. by far.
  2. Hello, i am BPV.. I am friends with s0000000ted, I hang out with him in real life... he enjoys my mothers cooking, and being associated with him does not make me want to drink bleech while slitting my wrists (all the bad beats i receive do that themselves).. He is actually quite a cool "cat".. but he will not give me money that i need badly.. that is all.. gg.
  3. I just want to mention that the above phrase was stolen from me by the poster. props where props are due.
  4. I read this post for a solid 5 minutes, solely to look at IQ's avatar
  5. overall i was just pissed because i feel like at these limits i can win a lot more quicker playing my own style. I know it was a small sample, but i stopped when i hit 250 hands. Ended up down a little bit. never got many hands to push with, and the 2 i did push with didn't get called.
  6. this is by far the worst idea ive ever tried. Ive been playing now for about 140+ hands, ive had AA one time and 55 one time. those were the only pairs. i limped with 55 and didn't flop a set, folded. I pushed preflop with AA, folded around to me and i picked up small and big blind. Limped only when i got a suited ace, suited ace-king, ace-queen. I missed every time. Never made 1 flush, never flopped a set (with the 2 pp i did get) and lost like half a buyin in the meantime. The only reason i even have money is because i played one hand from the bb to a raise, made a straight and pushed, every
  7. i know this wasn't really what you asked. But i think you played the hand pretty badly. with action before you on a Q88 flop, how do you not put someone on a queen? then when the 2nd queen hits, your "nuts" is now losing to a bigger fh. As far as slow-rolling him, unless you kept one card to yourself and just showed him the ace, then laughed as you turned up the 8 later, tell him to **** off, it was a mistake and the cards stuck together.
  8. by far the most untrue/un-thought out response anyone could have written.
  9. he'll probably be goofing off cause its his birthday.. doesn't feel like working.. maybe take a small loss.
  10. im guessing they meant he raised it 100k more
  11. Its down to 14 players when this hand comes up.. My read on this player is only that he completes from sb and bets out everytime it folds to him. http://www.pokerhand.org/?321434My read as the hand happened... was A-small with the A ... Thanks for any input
  12. is the sound not working for anyone else?
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