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  1. Maybe when they allow a league goal (if they ever do), it will be such a shock that it will cause them to go into a slump.
  2. Can I call the 25B hand? AA gets rivered by 10 2.
  3. LOL at idiots who fold at .25/.50 when they've already won $250 and have a chance at $750.
  4. Who cares. Baseball has become a joke this decade.
  5. I'm wondering if all these overturned red cards will cost England the world cup. FIFA specifically says a send off can not be downgraded or overturned unless it was mistaken identity and the sent off player must be suspended for at least one match. FIFA have gotten on the FA before about this. Every time they overturn a red card, they are giving FIFA the middle finger.
  6. Beckham and MLS was never going to make football popular in the US. ESPN getting the rights to the EPL will be the stepping stone to greater things. If you were trying to make someone a baseball fan, you wouldn't force feed them rookie league ball (MLS), you would show them MLB (EPL) games. People want to watch the best, not some sixth-tier league. And in return for the EPL making the sport more popular in the US, more athletes will take up football as their main sport and it will make MLS/US mens national team better. Its a win-win. Some people don't want ESPN to get the rights when the
  7. I'll add this. At full speed, it looks like a clear send off to me. On the slow motion replays, there is some doubt. But Riley only gets to see it in full speed.
  8. Ah. The myth that won't die. Please find in the laws of the game where it says that getting the ball first means there can be no foul?Apparently the AR did see the Bosingwa incident which means the FA can't take any action.
  9. I think it was an "orange" card. Yellow or red was acceptable.Thats a very dangerous position for Lampard to be in. Studs up, knee locked.As for the Bowsingwa incident. The AR was looking straight down at the ball. Not surprised he missed it.
  10. It took a few looks, but I've come to the conclusion that Riley was correct. His studs were perpendicular to the ground. He clipped the top of the ball, then his studs made contact with Alonso's foot/ankle.I can't argue with the red. I wouldn't argue if it was just a yellow either. It was very close.
  11. You can already tell this is going to be great. I hope I can stay awake.
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