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  1. Lol, calling McCain a prick is ridiculous, and I like both Obama and McCain. McCain is against torture, Gitmo and unlawful detention without trial. He is passionate about combating global warming. He is a multilateralist. He is the most consistently liberal candidate on immigration; on free trade; on low taxes and on small government. These are the substantive issues of the day and McCain is the most solid, consistent liberal on these issues.And although Obamas healthcare plan is good, McCain is the only candidate to have focused on the real, underlying problem; the COST of healthcare. While I
  2. I wanna play some 5/10 limit and a $120 sng. I basically play limit by the Lee Jones book and wanted to know how loose the 5/10 game is. I've played 3/6 before and it was like 7 players to each flop.
  3. Even if im only gonna be in the poker room?
  4. I'm going to be going to RI next week and Foxwoods will be on the way. I want to stop by and play poker for just a couple of hours. I'm 18 but I guess I can pass for anywhere between 20-21. Are they strict on ID's?
  5. It was just a parody thread. I'm Iranian and I actually despise Ahmadinejad. I liked Daniel before the blog and he's still one of my favorite players.
  6. I used to hate you but now that I know you support Ahmadinejad I am infatuated with you. You are a great man.
  7. Yes, Bush is a horrible orator. Ahmadinejad really isn't that intelligent, he just knows how to take a question off topic.
  8. I'm Iranian and Daniel, Ahmadinejad isn't liked in Iran very much at all. Majority of Iranians don't support the government, and they sure don't like Ahmadinejad. He was "elected" for giving promises to help lower class Iranians which he has done nothing of. He's a simpleton, plain and simple. He really isn't that intelligent. This nutcase knows how to speak eloquently and deceive the public (as can be seen with certain threads praising his speech on this board) and that's truly dangerous. With raving lunatics, no one takes them seriously. With intelligent, well-spoken men, the general public
  9. If the floor manager said that, then he's a moron. You were in the right.
  10. Yes, my friend calling me directly from Bellagio is the same thing as what you mentioned. Great job.
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