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  1. I was wondering if anyone had ever read this book. Also, Would like to know if this is the book about Sam Gilbert the guy who supposedly gave players anything they wanted during the domination era. Any help is appreicated.
  2. The Indiana wsop circuit is just around the corner. http://www.worldseriesofpoker.com/tourney/...asp?groupID=368there is the schedule. Ill be down there bout everyday and gl to all that go.
  3. Thanks for the support guys, yeah that was pretty sick. Kind of shocked when I seen K7, cause when I'm opening in the cutoff with 15 BB, im never folding to a 3 bet.
  4. I just started my blog today, I'm going to be doing updates every night after I get done playing. If anyone is interested here is the link- http://www.k-rock2525.blogspot.com/
  5. Nah, I dont have the HH but I think i was 2nd in chips with like 165k maybe, and he had 120k. He was utg+1 and raised to 18k at 3-6k, and than i made it 54k, than he 4 bet allin, and I was commited callin another 70k into 192k or soemthing. I can't flat pre in this spot, but I've talked to a couple of people and they said they would of done same thing, but I think I could have found a fold here idk.
  6. Thanks for the support guys, I would like to know your opinions of the TT<KK hand if you were watching. I just about folded it, as I wasn't just flatting with it there as I think its spewey. But I would like to know your thoughts, thanks again.
  7. just seen your question and replied berake, I had AA on that hand.
  8. Full Tilt Poker Game #5389786641: $750,000 Guarantee (37598004), Table 184 - 1400/2800 Ante 350 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:56:14 ET - 2008/02/24Seat 1: I_DESTR000Y_U (40,496)Seat 2: Mano Nera (15,632)Seat 3: randali (112,415)Seat 4: zummy828282 (19,742)Seat 5: K-Rock2525 (56,104)Seat 6: TerrySunday (53,300)Seat 7: Tmay420 (23,279)Seat 8: AND14609 (29,036)Seat 9: loopydomino (25,207)I_DESTR000Y_U antes 350Mano Nera antes 350randali antes 350zummy828282 antes 350K-Rock2525 antes 350TerrySunday antes 350Tmay420 antes 350AND14609 antes 350loopydomino antes 350AND14609 posts the small blind of 1,400lo
  9. Thanks the support guys, I finally ended my drought of winning a tourney. Weeeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks again.
  10. Never seen a guy dominate 1 tourney like he dominates this one.
  11. thanks for the support guys. Just been stupid lately online for me, I get deep and can't finish. Haven't had a win in so long....starting to get frustrating.
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