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  1. If they add enough rules, then you won't be able to do or say anything other than call/fold/raise. Then you won't be able to look at your oppenant. Then you might as well just play on line.To many rules will make the game unfun and robot like. Do I like a guy jumping out of his seat and screaming like he just won the lottery? NO, but a simple "Tone it Down" from the floor should be sufficient.
  2. You wanted it so here it is....TP/MM
  3. [X] Disappointed - I was wanting to read about slow rolling the waitress
  4. In before 701 gets here.I really have no idea who 701 is but......
  5. Or Sue people.I KEEDE, I KEEDE. Good luck Royal with the case, it sucks to have your transportation ruined.
  6. I don't think so. The 6-max event is Feb 10 (w/knockout format), Feb 11 (regular 6-max), Feb 13 (6-max w/rebuy) and Feb 15 (regular 6-max).
  7. Velociraptor, I believe is the correct dino.
  8. I think the blind levels were 40 minutes, break after every three levels (so every 2 hours). I don't remember the blind level increments though. I didn't get short stacked until after dinner. I like the Ceasar's tourney as well. Cashed in it last year. It was a faster structure but had more "recreational" players in it to make up for it.
  9. Structure = Very good. I played in a Deep Stack in June last year. 540 entries, $330 buyin, 40 places pay...I busted in 42.Good structure, I lasted till about 11:00 pm (Started at noon). I plan on playing in one of these in June when I go out for the WSOP.
  10. Do they let you wear nice jeans for the event?Gogogo Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yeah, I am not good enough to fold KK preflop. Scary thought about the man bits under the skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Between JC's post and the above post, I think we have more than enough evidence to call BS on the OP.
  13. Does laughing at this thread make me E-Bi or E-Gay?
  14. Glad I don't have Vista yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. If you hit CTL/ALT/Del one time it will tell you what applications are running. Usually the system tray has the icons of the anti-virus and/or spyware in it (system tray is the lower right hand corner).This is assuming you are running windows.
  16. They are trying to get you to close everything that's running. Any programs (Internet Explorer, Itunes, whatever) also make sure any spyware or antivirus is able to handle installs. Some of them need to be temporarily turned off. What applications are you running while doing an install? What spyware and antivirus are you running?
  17. On the Kansas Side there Captian Obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Steve,I'd have to go with Stay in LA. Being out there last year and seeing how many people were in town for the LAPC, you being the cash game stud that you are, it's an easy choice. Stay home and make some money. Just my thoughts.Ron.
  19. Bad Beat Forum Is Down The StreetBBFIDTS
  20. Happy B-Day Jim, Another year better????? We'll hope so!!!!!!!!Ron.
  21. GLGLGL....Don't change a thing. Just play your A game and let the chips keep heading your way!
  22. I haven't eat McDee's in a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time so I don't know how much they cost....but it's not really the point is it? It's still under $5.00 (unless the Aussie use Kangaroo meet in theirs????).
  23. You win 30K and get robbed on the way to get a Big Mac? Not sure MacDonalds is worth the $4.00 Big Mac to begin with, but I don't go walking to ANY McDee's with 30K on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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