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  1. Actually there is also a rule that says that players can only have ONE card protector ( sorry Cindy Violette but you'll have to raid the quarry another time) and also that the card protector can only be 2 inches wide and 1/2 an inch tall. So pretty much no bigger than a chip. So that means gooooood bye to de Chaaaaark.
  2. I intend to play my first ever WSOP event this year and so I was looking through their official website when I found the rules section. I'm not sure if this is a new rule or just one that was never enforced but I came across rule #36 and was surprised:"Excessive celebration through extended theatrics, inappropriate behavior, or physical actions, gestures, or conduct may be subject to penalty. Any player that engages a member of the tournament staff during the celebration or utilizes any property of Harrah’s will be penalized in accordance with Rules No. 31 and/or 51. Harrah’s property includes
  3. I think Daniels blog is spot on for the most part. The only thing is that back in the first oh say 4 or 5 seasons of the WPT the final table structure was horrible, and I think thats why the point leader list is so much stronger than the money list.Two other things, I definetly think that buys ins should be factored in and also, deals. Annie Duke has 2M on her record for the TOC but if you didnt acutally make the money, should it be counted on your money list? I dont think so. I'm not saying people shouldnt make deals or that I wouldnt myself make a deal, but to make a true all time money list
  4. I live in Surrey BC, and there is no live 7 card stud game in all of the lower mainland casinos. I'm wondering where the closest game would be, would I have to drive to Seattle? Edmonton? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. In reading Daniel's april fools day blog, and then reading the orginal Phil Hellmuth blog, it made me think. WTF Happened to this guy?I had stopped reading PH's blog and his articles in cardplayer for the last year or two. PH used to write interesting articles about hands and strategy and so forth, and his blog used to be pretty much trip reports. And those were interesting to read and also at times educational from a poker standpoint. Now, his blog and his articles are all about name dropping, and plugging whatever he's just put his name on this week. Seriously, look at his articles and blogs
  6. Rich Belsky????????? I think you mean Andrew from Vegas, he's seen mike around.....
  7. Watched PAD last night, the first night of poker broadcasters week, and they were raggin on Daniel, saying that he just calls out every hand and then the producers cut it to look like he's always right. First of all, do they expect him to call EVERY hand right? No one can do that. Second of all, the most vocal of the players on this subject was Micheal Konik, has this guy done ANYTHING in poker? And I'm not saying this becuase of what he said last night, but I always found him to be the most annoying commentator of poker on TV.
  8. http://riverrock.com/casino/poker_room/Theres a tourney schedule on the left hand side.
  9. I am wondering, if poker is your job, how are you able to travel and play? In any job, to my knowledge, you need a work visa or citizenship to do your job in another country. So if poker is your job how are you legally able to say, go play the WPT in Paris, or if you're a Canadian, go to play the side games in Vegas? Thanks very much in advance.
  10. They gave Phil a price on his winning the thing (which he lost to Bloch), they sould've given him a price on who the better player is, him or chan.They could poll 100 top pros and most votes win. I get the feeling Phil would be out some more money.....
  11. This is completely against the ethics of the game. And it is cheating. Plain and simple. If you're playing one opponent differently then you would play another becuase you know them, then thats cheating. And you hear people say "well I don't want to take my friends money" then dont play on the same table. I always ask these people what they do at a home game, since they know everyone there, do they just check every pot down, even 10 handed? This is poker, it's not a sewing circle. If you just want to hang out with your buddy and gamble, but not against each other, go play blackjack.
  12. Theyre going offline for 3 hours for maintenance
  13. Heading out to Vegas on monday. Just wondering which poker rooms have 9 handed tables as opposed to 10 for their no-limit games. Also, any chance of finding a 6 hander? Thanks in advance.
  14. Best = GusWorst = FergusonLooks like I'm in the minority on this one. At least on the best.
  15. If that were true then they'd need to arrest pretty much every top level pro since they all have endorsment deals. Also, I'm sure the US would tell them before hand if they were planning to make online endorsments illegal, then they could have the option of opting out of their respective deals. And then if the pros still didnt opt out they would be arrested.
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