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  1. I live about 30 mins from the Parx and have played there a few times. The game selection is pretty reasonable and they sit a lot of tables particularly on the weekends. The have a website where you can view the current sittings games list on their site.I've seen them sit about 20 to 30 1-2NL tables with pretty fast turnover for those waiting on the list.They will sit Omaha 4/8 with a half kill most nights. I've seen quite a few larger games , 10-20NL, 40-80Limit that sort of thing.One of the differences with the Parx is that it allows smoking almost everywhere in the casino. There are a few No
  2. 1st - $190,0122nd - $101,4593rd - $63,8154th - $54,4945th - $46,6066th - $38,7207th - $30,8328th - $22,9449th - $15,78110th-12th - $12,54713th-15th - $10,75516th-20th - $9,32121st-25th - $7,170
  3. 1st - $190,0122nd - $101,4593rd - $63,8154th - $54,4945th - $46,6066th - $38,7207th - $30,8328th - $22,9449th - $15,78110th-12th - $12,54713th-15th - $10,75516th-20th - $9,32121st-25th - $7,170
  4. If I had a 3k bankroll, I wouldn't need the training )
  5. I think you should name one of them "Your Mothers House". It some homey and think of the fun you'll have when you get into a cab.Cabbie : Where you going?You: Your Mothers House!Hilarious
  6. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23083189-29277,00.htmlAN American man in Melbourne for the Aussie Millions poker tournament has lost all his winnings in a knifepoint robbery.Being a professional poker player, Jason Potter knows it counts to keep a cool head. It was an attitude that probably saved the 22-year-old American tourist from serious injury in the robbery early today. After a long night at the Crown Casino's tables, Mr Potter headed back to his hotel with $30,000 - his winnings from the Aussie Millions poker tournament. But the winning high was fleeting for the former political sc
  7. So if I took out the 16k, how much should one set aside for taxes? The normal 25% or a higher amount like 38%? Anyone have an idea or can point me to a site. Thinking about get taxes done professionally this year to see if that might have some impact.
  8. so I but in short at a $100 no limit bad beat jackpot table. I know its bad odds but the jackpot just broke $500k so I figured, sit back, play tight and see what happens.There's a couple of aggressive folks at the table, so I don't get much play. I pick up a few dollars with pockets Q's but lose that to blinds and poke and hope hands.Finally I get the bb and figure I'll at least see a flop. Button pops it to $2, sb calls and my 59os hits the muck. Flop comes AhJhAc. Check, CheckTurn is 10h. Button raises, sb reraises, Button goes all, sb calls.Button shows AsKs. Sb shows KhQhBefore we can even
  9. What about Absolute Poker?they give 100% up to 500 for first time and have a reasonable "raked hands" definition. As long as you are dealt cards as opposed to actually contribute to the rake. Also they give partial credit for hands raked less than 50 cents.Also their bonus releases in 5 dollar chunks for only 20 points.Should you decide to join I wouldn't mind a referral )oednj
  10. I have had no issue getting money onto AP (sad having to reload). As a matter of fact, this weekend I used a pre-paid visa (not a green dot one) and had an issues but called their customer service and they were able to preload it in their system and approve it within 5 minutes.
  11. If you really want to go cheap on the rebuys, AP has freerolls with 50 cent rebuys.
  12. I am surpised that no one has posted this already.http://www.armchairgm.com/index.php?title=...est_Poker_BabesI have no idea on how to post a link, so if someone could fix this that would be great.
  13. I play on Absolute but ever since my money got stuck in Neteller, I have been gunshy of actually depositing money.Lately I have been playing their Freeroll with rebuy tourneys. I tend to bubble or just lside in the money often and have built up a roll of $5.34!As amusing as that is, my question is, does hitting the money better than 60% of the time in freerolls with better than 4000 entrants translate to some usable skill? if I buy into a $4.40 or something like that can the same strategies I have used to make it into the money be expected to be usefull or is it just that freefolls are full o
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