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  1. Thank you. I just thought it was cool because a lot of the time the players are just so bad you can't beat them. rofl... yeah, I'll probably try to claim the winnings.
  2. Yeah... lol wish I could delete my thread. I'm just wasting mine and everyone elses time with it.
  3. lmao... TP/MM... I just thought it was funny... I wasn't trying to brag about it like I'm good or something. I didn't expect a congratulations here, but thank you.
  4. ... I don't know what that means.
  5. lol I won a .06 buy in tourney on pokercs.com. 240 ppl I think... Just wanted to share with someone.
  6. Well my bets on the bluff were $6, $6, $10. This is why I thought he had a lack of respect for me in the hand. Sorry I wasn't more clear kinda tired. But he is not the type of player to call someone down with a king and a weak kicker.PS isn't letting my debit card get through for some reason so I haven't been able to play online for awhile. I play freerolls but obviously their just crap shoots.
  7. Well first I have to say that I have no job at the moment and shouldn't of been playing poker but had about 45 bucks on me. So I thought I'd sit down with about 30 in one of the .50/1 games around here. One of the hand I tried a bluff... bet the flop, my friend calls. Bet the turn, my friend calls. Bet the river... my friend turns over a K for top pair. He asks if that scares me... I just sit there and stare at the board and I think that is what gave away my bluff. So he calls... I ask to see his other card and he had a 3... soooo. Did he have a lack of respect... or just for sure know that I
  8. I'd say it LOOKS like you have the As with the push. But... if he did infact call you down with the As then I guess he knows you didn't have it. So.. to him if he has the As... maybe it looks like you have a set. Either way, no way he could put you on any high pair. He could put you on 22 or 88... with the flat call. People gamble with their A high four to a flush way too much. If that is what he had and didn't have a pair with it... he's playing for what... 80 somethin bucks, that would be a terrible call for him.
  9. lol let me rephrase that. Is every freeroll for the FCP Challenge going to be Hold'em? Or is it unknown?
  10. Can they plz post it? I want to take a nap before it starts.
  11. Damien_Da badly needs a stake into any tourney. Broke and applied to about 15 places for jobs. Anyone wanna give me a chance to get some cash? of course I'll split everything.
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