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  1. I think we all saw that coming. I did.Go Zimmer!
  2. With all these screw-ups, do you think the top poker players could come up with enough money to buy the WSOP from Harrah's?Also, how much could they buy the WSOP for? $50 milllion, $100 million, more?
  3. Waaaa. Also, below in white is something I said on 2+2, that got me banned for 24 hours regarding a person losing with A-K vs. Queens all-in pre-flop. Flop was A-x-A, Q on river for other player. Was in satellite for WSOP seat. Comment was to female poster later on in thread who doesn't play poker, but thought this was a bad beat.In white so I don't get banned. Also, was drunk and tired when I posted this. It's pretty bad."A bad beat for you would be getting raped, having the guy break every bone in your face, and dealing with not being "hottie" anymore."
  4. Ummm , straight draw got there?
  5. You need to sell your sperm ASAP. Big $$$ in the black market for a poker player.
  6. It will take a while. I would start to worry if you don't get it in 2 weeks.
  7. I'm guessing nearly all of the NL and Pot Limit Hold'em Events, possible execption of HU and rebuy events.I would not choose them to win the HORSE event, or any other game besides NL and Pot-Limit Hold'em. Someone please correct me on this last statement if I am wrong.
  8. HELL NO!If you don't want to play top heavy tournaments, Stars has tournaments where the pay out the top 20%.But I still hate your idea. Sounds good when you barely cash, yet the second you won a tournament, you would'nt be bitchin about it.
  9. Don't count your eggs before they hatch, or something like that. You never lost $120.
  10. I'm having steak for dinner. Also, your avatar makes me feel better.
  11. Been running so bad the last 2 days in cash games. Can't get away from overpair when some flops a set, card dead, continuation bets always get called, take shot a higher limit, get coolered, lose 60-40's. Total damage: -850! I'm going to go masterbate now. I hope I feel better after that.
  12. Video of Shannon Elizabeth: I love Rick Astley
  13. I would say nothing. Only time I would say anything is if they mucked out of turn before I, or anyone else had acted.These are called tells, use them to your advantage.
  14. Audio working for me. Thanks for the link.
  15. FYI: Seat 6 only limped. I wouldn't say he "started the betting"As for you read on the BB, would you be willing to commit the rest of you stack on a J-7-3 flop? How about Q-9-8?
  16. $1/$2 blinds.I raise to $10 in CO. I only have $50 behind.What do you call with on:Button?SB/BB?
  17. Only reason I don't like pre-flop is because you limped/called from UTG with an easily dominated hand. If you were going to play this hand pre-flop, I would bring it in for a raise, and fold to a re-raise.
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