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  1. yes your right I only lost the initial $10 bet. It just FELT like I lost the $120.
  2. Sorry guys I didn't know there was a general sports forum (my bad) I know 5 team parlays aren't great odds but up here in canada they're run by the govenment, and there the only way really, (Unless you want to drive to a casino every night) to make legal sports bets. Normally I do reasonably well I'm up since the season started probably about $375 but that debacle last night was tough to take. not really a Giants fan, (I can't STAND Bonds) and after last night I may never bet on them again. Thanks.
  3. Ok I know most of the topics in here are on poker but I had a rough one last night. I'm betting 5 MLB games, if I get all 5 games correct, I win $120. The cost of the wager was only $10. So I have Blue Jays over the Yanks. Marlins over the Cubs, Baltimore over KC, Pittsburgh over San Diego and finally SF over the Mets. Now near the end of the games I look to be in good shape the only game I have to worry about is NYM-SF. They go to extra innings tied at 3. The Giants manage to scratch out a run in the top of the 12 to take a 4-3 lead.(I'm cheering my brains out at this point) Then the Giants b
  4. I'm probably a 3, although I hope to become better the more I play!!
  5. I'm just a newbie but all the books I've read say wait until it's your turn to act before looking at your hole cards. If it's good enough for the pros it's good enough for me.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, I webt broke with 1,000 left, when I had pocket AA. he caught a club on the river for an ace high club flush. What do you do? I got my money in with the best hand but unfortunetly it wasn't good enough. That's poker I guess. thanks for the advice though. Later
  7. I'm sure this is the wrong way to do this but I'm playing my first online tournament tonight on Poker Stars. It's a Canadian freeroll, and the top 100 advance to round 2. Grand prize is a seat at the WSOP for 07. Although that may be wishful thinking, advancing to round 2 is the goal. Any fellow FCP'ers have any advice? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey everyone, this is my first post so I'll try to be breif. I started playing poker about 6 months ago, right now I only play at play money tables. I seem to do reasonably well as I very rarely have to refill my play money accounts. My question is how do you know your ready to play "real" money games online or at a casino. my wife's a little leery about me playing online, (hackers, viruses etc.) and the nearest casino is at least an hour away. we just had a new baby so my recreational funds aren't what they used to be. I read books and watch TV about poker and get the concept, but it;s a tot
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