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  1. FYI this is a huge brag, Maldives are gorgeous
  2. This --- if you're dead set on going to AC, just don't leave the Borgata. AC is a shithole, the Borgata is beautiful, there's nothing at all to see outside of this casino.I'm on the pay extra to go to Vegas train, but if you're just playing poker, it doesn't really make that much of a difference.
  3. there are a ton of these videos, they're all text-to-speech of 2+2 BBV legend "King Niche"this one, though, is by far the best one
  4. I respectfully disagree with this statement :)They're top quality at both places, I've just been enjoying Sapphires much more lately.
  5. http://news.texasholdem.com/2009/02/17/fiv...at-a-strip-clubThis may or may not have been written by someone you know.
  6. So I decided to check out the poker room at Seabrook, NH. It's a charity poker room, which means 20% rake, but it's the only one North of Foxwoods that offers tournaments. This TR is going to be quick because I'm tired, but I'll put in the fun hands:I started by playing in the 1PM $50+rebuys. I was in for $150 pretty fast. After that, I grinded my way up to $7500 in chips, and managed to get all of it in by 4betting cold with J4o. I ran into AA, but I flopped trips and rivered quads. Not a problem.So I'm sitting on 21k going into 200/400. Guy shoves from UTG for 5.1k, one caller, I look at AKh
  7. when your kids ask you if it's okay for them to smoke weed, you say, "yes.... right after you win 12 olympic gold medals!"
  8. glad you had a good time, wynn is top class
  9. I know one site where you can get 30% rakeback deposited into your account every day!
  10. she's not, i'm sure specbrad can attest
  11. This article was so badly written and so blatantly false, I felt compelled to send in a contact form to PokerNews explaining how frustrated I was that they let this go to press.
  12. bump in honor of steve's training
  13. Bluff, Cardplayer, All-in for me.Also, Poker Europa if you're into the European poker scene.
  14. I love Raw Vegas and this is just another reason why. Also, Dave Farra is the man.
  15. you're going to final table this, mark my words
  16. I might be a bit biased here, but for what it's worth, the software on the Merge Network is updated 2-3x as much as FTP/PS. Always adding new features, we already have run it twice, fold and show, fold and show 1 card, win and show 1 card (etc...), rabbit hunting...
  17. crookedlink on the envelope your book was in you might find a single long red hair that belongs to my girlfriend. i have no idea how it got there, but i noticed it was under the tape while i was in the post office.save it.
  18. I'm not going to ship to Australia, it's not worth it :\Only 5 books left, please help operation clean house!
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