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  1. Yeah. . . that's what I figured. I folded, giving the caller some credit and Villain A turned up Q10, Villain B showed K10. Doh!!
  2. I put him on AQ or KQ. I would call, and then bet $3 or so on the turn to extract more from him. Wouldn't worry about draws.
  3. Sorry, computer illiterate and not sure how to hand history & converter..10/.25 NL (6 max) on AbsoluteHero - $27Villain A - $9.50 (typical low-limit donk as far as I can tell)Villain B - $60 (solid, tight aggressive)Pre FlopFour callers. Hero picks up AA in the big blind. Raise to .75. Villains A & B call from middle position.Flop - 9d, 10h, 6c ($2.60)Hero bets $2. Villain A goes all-in for $6.75 more. Villain B calls. Hero???In hindsight, I probably should have raised a dollar or more Pre-Flop with all the limpers, but what do you guys think about the play on the flop?
  4. For reasons that would take way too long to explain, I can no longer use Neteller. So, has anyone found epassporte to be a reasonable alternative? What are people's experience with epassporte? Is it easy to deposit/withdraw from, etc?Also, why do most poker sites not deal with PayPal? Or am I just blind? I would be open to checking them out as well.
  5. When employing this stratagy, do you generally bet the flop to build the pot knowing that you'll bet the turn also?Or, do you find that checking the flop, then betting the turn works more effectively?
  6. RMac


    please do. he's begging for it now. put him out of his misery.for all our sakes.
  7. I think this needs to be moved to the Bad Beat forum.
  8. Yes, to the question about being deepstacked and looking for another place to put your money in: you still move in here.If you're looking for a better place to put your money in, you'll probably be looking for a long time (i.e.- getting bluffed out a lot).
  9. I am currently sending good vibes and a card rush your way. 8) You will cash, you will cash, you will cash (this is all subliminal of course).
  10. You said the max is $300? Buy-in for that.As said above, you want to maximize your good hand's profit, and have people covered so you can force them to make a decision for all of their chips.
  11. WTF are you doing?!?!?!? 3-bet the flop, c/r the turn and bet/fold the river!!
  12. Saw the words Play Money and stopped reading
  13. This has gotta be one of the dumbest things i have ever heard in my life..........Ummm....I thought it was pretty obvious that he was being sarcastic. I also thought it was pretty funny.To the OP: use the search function and find one of the 3 billion threads on bankroll management, that seems to be your main problem. Stepping up before you're ready to withstain the variance swings.
  14. effing hilarious Oh and mine was a $700 pot at $2-5 NL, but I donked it up so I dont wanna share it. :evil:
  15. It's pretty much impossible to answer your problem with no stats. (i.e.- # of online hands played, hourly rate at the casinos, etc...)If you are a good player like you say, you will eventually beat low stakes online. You may just be in a run of variance or a downswing or something. You cannot take anything from just a few hundred or a few thousand hands.Give much less credit to players and maybe post some hand histories in the Stratagy forum here.
  16. wtf.....is all I've got to say.(the w in this case stands for why)
  17. That's pretty standard.Make them pay on sixth and if you get played back at (or just called in the case of a weak tight player) check it down on seventh.
  18. So true Marion....We both know that the world would be a better place if everyone were Star Wars fans.
  19. He also made this pointless proposition:I have a proposition bet for anyone interested: You pick who you believe are the 10 best players in the world, and I'll give you even money that none of them makes the final table of the main event by the time the 2012 London Olympics conclude.If anyone takes him up on this they should never be allowed to have money again.
  20. cheques.....hahaShe said "cheques" but it's checks. Canadians have a funny language.
  21. You want to limit the field to give your hand a better chance of holding up.There is less variance involved.Though the variance is greater if you're playing loose/weak players all the time, that doesn't make it unprofitable for solid players.Gotcha....sortaSo you should play extra tight in these loose games and build a pot with your big hands?Or loosen up your starting hand requirements and try to see cheap flops with suited connectors?Or a mix?
  22. Or to put my above post in a simpler way....I am a donk........please discuss why.
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