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  1. so i had some terrible connection problems on stars due to my college dorm. So im going over to ub havent played there for a while i just used to play nl. Thinking about going to $5 sng and small mtt. I can only put in 50 so anybody ever play there 6 max sng what did u think?
  2. trying to find the site that has the best $5-10 sngs. Still depating over stars or ub any other sites out there?
  3. what is the best way to play the 6 max sngs on UB?
  4. MyPlayIsRAB u need 6000 stars to get the $25 there no whay u got it in 150 hands.
  5. Anybody ever played there. Seems like ther isnt alot of players.
  6. http://www.neverwinpoker.com/phpnuke/html/...iewtopic&t=2405
  7. im going to try to keep track of my sng progress. What kind of things so i right down. What is ROI. Will somone post some of there stats. Ty
  8. i just bet the pot button didnt relize i only had 100 loft.
  9. i was playing in a tourney on Full Tilt and i have 66 the flop is 64a some guy bet into me i raised and my computers connections just gave up so i came back and i have 100 in chips and it said i timed out arent u treated all in if u time out?
  10. Anybody had problems with Ft support ive sent them 5 emails in the best 4 days regarding cashing out money in my nettlller account. Any simmlar problems that u guys have had with them?
  11. im on my first swing down 300 in two days. Is the best advice to just take some time off? Any advice
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