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  1. ivey, whats with you lately you are all NWP'ing on everyone. You have a new boyfriend over there?seriously, i dont give a rat's ass whatthey think or say, their site is lameChanged your avatar?BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!I will have to figure out how to shrink a animated .Gif without killing it. Any ideas?If you have Photoshop or ImageReady you can just edit the "image size"
  2. Sounds like fun, but unfortunately I can't commit for this weekend (my father in-law is recovering from heart surgery). Keep me posted on other future events tho, I like the idea of this. thx.
  3. LOL!! I live in lockport. Not to far of a trip for me.. I would definately be in.Too funny, my brother lives in Lockport as well, near Cedar and Division. I'm in Woodridge, so I might be up for that if it happens. Keep us posted.
  4. ...she's a cartoon....LOL, that's exactly what I was thinking... but, it's a hot cartoon anyway!
  5. LOL, you crack me up Royal... maybe Ron will get those for you!
  6. Where is My fishy, fishy fishy fish. You think, an aggressive raiser will only raise with pairs? I think you HAVE to go all in there, considering your chip position. Sure, you could be in a coin flip. It's even possible that he has AA, KK and you're screwed. But an agressive raiser will raise with MANY hands you have crusified, many aces, and a few kings. If you don't go all in pre flop, you give him the chance of folding hands like AJ post flop, which you don't want. If you're below par, you need to double up. Period.I agree... especially in this case. So if you let him see the flop b
  7. That's exactly what I was thinking... I'd pay the buck just to see it. Never know, the guy might be a maniac bluffer anyway!
  8. I don't think you crossed any lines... maybe got a little reckless and it payed off this time. I think changing it up is definitely a good thing to do every now and then, just to throw people off a bit and/or get more action if you are showing the bluff. Obviously you got lucky on that flop, and it would have been hard to get away from just top-pair, but that's how poker rolls. I also think he should have played AQ a bit stronger preflop, but that's his problem.
  9. LOL.. I bet you can use this to crack any pro, eh? :-)
  10. Ever hear of the old saying, "That's poker?"
  11. Ya i've seen that clip on Big boys.Has anyone seen the richard simmons skit on Whose Line is it anyways?Talk about GAY (not that there's anything wrong with that)!!!Oh, and for the OP, I think most members see the GENERAL section as a free-for-all of slams and flames... most of it is just for the fun of getting people like yourself all fired up over nothing. Get over it. Embrace it. Join in the fun! If you want some insight on poker, check out the STRATEGY section instead. Just my 2 cents worth.
  12. Well said... I think a lot of us forget about the other perspective at times. Is he a great poker player? Probably not... and luck was definitely on his side that night, but he did do something that was amazing. He's ignited the dream for many casual players, and for that you gotta give him some credit.
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