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  1. I was tempted to write something funny considering the 618(!!!) is a huge number, but i will try to answer seriously:You played 618 games. Payed 3090$ plus 154,5$ rakeYou won 359 of them making 3590$ for a net profit of 3590-(3090+154,5)=345,5$ or 0,56$ per game or 0.56/5.25=11% gain for the money you play.Consider the average time a HU takes u. Lets say its 20min. Then You gain (60/20)*0.56 = 1,68$ per hour.If You were winning 75% then with the same calculations you would gain 2,25$ per game or 6,75$ per hour wich is much more decent.So my advice is considering you have the discipline (wich i
  2. Gl from now on... You will reach next lvl when you lose an all-in 77% favorite and smile knowing that you are winning in the long run.I know that very well bec i cant do that also haha
  3. Another idea for that tourney is this: Whenever an all-in occurs (pre-flop or after flop) the remaining cards are dealt multiple times (2-4) and the winner of each time wins the proper fraction of the pot created.
  4. I would put him 80% on AA or KK,20% on Ak with 2 of the possible flush. His pre-flop reraise of 40 in a pot already over 40 shows strength.I dont think he would make that reraise with JJ, even with QQ would be difficult.I would reraise him all in.
  5. I think that the decision of calling or not is based on details, and neither of these decisions is a mistake.Personally, i would fold if i were u. Having 2 bad players on my table, i would like to take their money on a 90-10 favorite hand and not "gamble" a 50-50 or 60-40 hand with a good player.The major advantage that he has is that HE bets the money. He has the fold equity with him. He might have a hand like yours, and thinks that he likes to make u fold, but even if you call he is not doomed and maybe he is even the favorite.
  6. 5150 for me in the brake... nothing exciting...the biggest pot i played was 800. Now with 25/50 the things will get a bit more exciting i think.Today i lost in a tournament in stars(sng-turbo) having TT. I bet all in pre flop and 3 people call me all with AK! The forth ace showed on the turn and it was time for me to go for a walk to cool off a bit.Gl 2 all the ppl that continue...
  7. I'm in... Its 1 after midnight in greece...Its gonna be fyn if i dont fall asleep
  8. I have a friend, who used to play in our home game. He was the wealthiest of us all by far.He was loosing 19 out of 20 sessions and managed to break even in just one. We have played over 100 sessions in a year and he has won in 1 or 2 of them.He was the "gambler" type of guy. It was not that he did not know poker, it was that he wanted to see our cards and payed good for that privillege.one day, feeling sorry for him we did not invite him to play and he became furious. I knew that i have made the right choice.... or not?Next day i learned from a friend of him that instead of playing in our hom
  9. K 3 . Easy to fold even when a King hits the flop but pays big when u make the nut straight and A is on the flop.Also, a friend of mine suggests 9 3 o, he says u cant miss the fh lol
  10. Home game, we are playing omaha high, six-handedThe action is irrelevant, but in the showdown i have top 3 of a kind in a flop with no straight or flush possibility. I bet big, the fish calls in a second and shows Q 7 and says: I have a straight i win.
  11. My eplanation to ur problem is this:U said that u made a lot of reading this summer. This means that u made yourserf a bit better player but also a DIFFERENT player. When u make changes in ur play, even if these changes are for good, they affect u a lot, so u are doomed to drop ur quality of play for a bit, only to raise it a few weeks later finding that ur now a better player and you can gain more money.Believe in yourself and try to have a big account for the limits you are playin...GL
  12. First of all, i would like to thank everyone that replied or read my post.After reading all the replies and think this over a few times, i am back where i started: I gambled 11k for 24k (bb, sb, antes included) with a hand that, 95% was a coin flip or i was favorite. The numbers agree with me.Was there a better play? I cant say for sure, like i cant say for sure what would happen if i didnt broke up with that blondie in 11th grade (LOL).Also, considering the fact that i consider myself to be a fair tourney player(i even have won a 10+1 w/r and cashed once out of 10 in a 500k stars), i needed
  13. Well, i need some advice over this:I am playin in a 5+0.50 with rebuys tourney. I have made 2 reb and the add-on. 600 players started and deep into the third hour of play i am below par with 11k playing very tight (played 7/48 and won them all for the last 1 1/2 hours) due to the crap i am dealt and the fact i dont have much chips to make 'plays'.There are 115 players left and 60 make it to the money.I am dealt AKs in middle position. blinds are 400/800 and the player to my right makes it 3200 to go. He is an agressive player with the largest stack of the table. Immediatly i am all in and ever
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