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  1. Set it up how you prefer and play the game. Are you the type who overanalyzes everything?
  2. Sorry about the raw HH. FTR couldn't convert it for some reason.60/120 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (Limit) (Tournament 23555199) - Sun May 14 18:55:14 EDT 2006 Table Table 97650 (Real Money) -- Seat 6 is the button Total number of players : 10 Seat 1: Toofyhead (1940) Seat 2: meathead45 (2120) Seat 3: kicker_ace (1740) Seat 4: janeine (2400) Seat 5: firstime111 (2520) Seat 6: Dnev1 (1440) Seat 7: jomajomajoma (2820) Seat 8: bvgrocer (1520) Seat 9: Power_Juicer (1900) Seat 10: lboarts (1600) jomajomajoma posts small blind (30) bvgrocer posts big blind (60) ** Dealing down cards ** Dealt t
  3. Sometimes, when I get pulled over, my knees give out, but only til I stand up.Never mind.
  4. Mainly SnGs, some MTTs.I've recently discovered I enjoy limit holdem and am improving at it. I also enjoy short handed SnGs.
  5. We should not overlook Big Ben's game saving tackle on the JB fumble.We should not overlook Dick LeBeau's masterful game plan, and the D's flawless execution of it.We should not overlook Troy Polamalu's interception being mysteriously reversed.We should not overlook Pittsburgh!!
  6. lboarts


    Thanks for the responses, guys, sorry for the delay in responding. A few comments, then the results. I took control of the hand on the flop because while I had many outs, I was still drawing and didn't want LP dictating how much my draw would cost me, and I was building the pot anticipating making my hand. I checked the turn because I made my hand and wanted the turn to look like it scared me, thereby disguising my flush. If the player behind me bet the turn, I was reraising. If he checked and we went to the river, it's harder to put me on a flush. By checking the turn, I did gamble no heart w
  7. lboarts


    Call or fold?Stage #291978671 Tourney ID 68714 Holdem No Limit $10 - 2006-01-11 01:03:18 (ET)Table: 1 (Real Money) Seat #4 is the dealerSeat 1 - BUTTERPECAN ($1610 in chips)Seat 2 - LBOARTS ($1130 in chips)Seat 3 - AZNB0IERIC ($1250 in chips)Seat 4 - NDBAUGHMAN ($1680 in chips)Seat 5 - HALVEYMAN ($1460 in chips)Seat 6 - AAKKQQAKAQKQ ($1480 in chips)Seat 7 - MAZINGAZ ($1355 in chips)Seat 8 - TDAWGJR62 ($695 in chips)Seat 9 - KILMER ($2840 in chips)HALVEYMAN - Posts small blind $10AAKKQQAKAQKQ - Posts big blind $20*** POCKET CARDS ***Dealt to LBOARTS [Jh 10h] MAZINGAZ - FoldsTDAWGJR62 - Calls $2
  8. lboarts

    paul phillips

    Fanaticism is not caused by greed.Vatican City was caused by greed.
  9. every day starts at 12pm :shock: :shock: :shock:
  10. I've played Tx holdem before with 2 and 3 sets of flops and you could decide which one you wanted to use, increasing bets from flop to river, no checking allowed, all kinds of stupid ways to screw up a beautiful game, lol.
  11. Playing NL omaha is just plain silly. PLO would've limited your losses here.It is correct to fold the best hand sometimes in omaha. I actually do it quite a bit when I have no room for improvement and I'm facing a pot sized bet in a multiway pot, or even HU if the texture of the board is showing flushes AND straight draws. Sets in omaha look nice but they can be very dangerous. IMO trips are a better scenario because it gives me 4 more outs (on the turn) to make a fullhouse as opposed to a set.Tough hand, regardless.
  12. I'm bumpng this since it just got moved, which I'd anticipated, btw.Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hello all, hope everyone had a Merry Xmas!I'm considering playing more cash games this coming year, and was curious which site has the best rake schedule. Any help would be apreciated. Thank you.
  14. Steal the blinds, then when he comes back and starts crying, console him with soft, sincere words like, "Yeah, man, that really sucked for you.", or "I know how that feels, happens to me alot." , or better yet, "Ouch, dude! I almost feel bad for ya." Then sit back and watch how quickly he tilts his remaining chips away.
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