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  1. So today is/was your first event, good luck Anthony.No fear, go get 'em!
  2. I was having trouble making any deposits into PokerStars..........problem SOLVED!
  3. Oh how i wish the 5 minute margin was mentioned in one of the promotional e-mails... that 25k was MINE!!! ;)Edit: I propose a 100k Guaranteed tournament be held EVERY MONTH! hehe.. what do you say, Bob?
  4. Homer's "DDDOOOOOPPPPPEEEEE!!!!!!!"
  5. I've never been sooo disappointed at not being able to register for a tournament in my life! meservery, how did you know registration closes at 511, and ANY idea why??I log on a few minutes before the tourny, ready to buyin, rebuy, and rip this tourny apart, with all its value... and I cannot even REGISTER... how so very disappointing.... I almost feel heart broken, lol.. sigh..
  6. My memory may be failing me, Anthony, but didn't you say upon first landing in the Bahamas that whoever you eventually beat heads-up may get one of the 10k buy-ins to play with on their own?
  7. lol.. very true!Smart idea with the WSOP schedule, Anthony, i think that's the best thing you could have done with the rest of the buy-ins! I always thought jumping right into a 10k would be a little much, but doing some prelims would help get one into the groove, and get comfortable with the whole environment, etc.. I suspect you will do quite well, keep at it & good luck!
  8. Smooth calling to gain more information is great for a benign flop such as that when in pos, but how about on a flop like JsTh8h, when holding AdJd? Wouldn't that raise to 2400 be a far better play in order to price out the BB calling with hearts or a nine, and better define your hand against the early position player?
  9. LOL @ the blog!! I was thinking 'what is he DOING!?!?, this is no goooood!', then i as i read on, i realized that sometimes he just goes too far with his blog jokes!! hehe
  10. Hey, I had this look working for me going into the Bahamas last month--it almost worked for ME!! hehe
  11. Hi again,here's another that may or may not have already been mentioned, but its an important one that i believe is a remnant from OnGame..at the turn, in NL games, the minimum bet is doubled, as it does in limit games, but should NOT in NL games.
  12. My thoughts exactly!Daniel won't help but feel like he 'lost' the tournament, (ie 1st or a loss), but he'll need to just keep focusing on future success--build upon this performance & not look back!
  13. Wow, Daniel's seating is superb! Just left of Mads Andersen... this is HUGE!
  14. wow, Anderson's rise was sick.. i think he'll be Daniel's toughest competition (considering stack sizes as well experience/talent.. i wonder how the seating will be...)
  15. xmykro, you are as sick as me, (tabbed browser refreshing all 4 sources, lol).good luck at the final table Daniel!btw, if(when) you take it down & are in such a good mood that you feel like taking on 2 proteges, let me know! hehe
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