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  1. Deeeeerect link:http://www.joerogan.net/main.php?archives=...p;article=53710See? Everything could be copacetic, even if Daniel don't think Rogan is funny.
  2. Having listened to both... uh, no. Don & Mike were on in Dallas for about 9 months and... it didn't work. They also tried them in New York a couple times and... it didn't work.
  3. I think what avionicz is trying to say is basically what I was trying to say. If DN were to do a phoner in to the show, the whole thing would get cleared up and would probably help everybody out. O&A have made some good radio in the past by being confronted by people they've slammed (Richard Huff, Whoopi Goldberg, etc). Just everybody be reasonable, and you'll find that it works out pretty well.
  4. I'm certain someone else caught on to Norton's gag (he hasn't done it in a while), but I cannot remember who it was.
  5. Situations to avoid:talking like an authority on subjects about which you actually know nothing
  6. Daniel came up as a topic on the show again today, I'll clip it out of the mp3 and post it later. The talk was actually pretty... tame, just saying Daniel didn't quite get the joke because Rogan was being pretty vicious and Daniel was on the receiving end of it. Anthony of course wishes he had been there to be the good cop to Opie's always bad cop.Like I said, do a phoner.And to the rest of you who want to say they suck... you don't get it. Move on.
  7. The only reason O&A and Norton are talking **** about you is because you talked **** about them. The one thing you could do is give them a shot at listening and you'll see that their show is a lot more than you think it is, you just caught them on a weird day. Norton's the first to admit he's a meaty-breasted little nothing, so when he goes after someone else's looks, it's definitely to be taken with a grain of salt.Do a phoner in to the show with Anthony there and I would lay money the whole thing gets smoothed over easily.As for Rogan, maybe you weren't into what he was doing that day, b
  8. I just find it a little troubling that DN is in so close with Lyle Berman and keeps talking about all these tactics that are going to be used against the 7 and that they're going to get dragged through the mud. Is that really what should be happening here?Not to mention, if WPT has a provision in their release saying that they have the rights to the player likenesses and that's what the 7 object to, and meanwhile, Lyle and other WPT folks are assuring Daniel, "Hey, we aren't going to use your likenesses to promote this that and the other..."CHANGE THE RELEASE.Why doesn't the WPT step down off
  9. Making the pros happy leads to good TV. I can't believe people still watch the WPT...
  10. Daniel, is there any way we can get a link to the actual spreadsheet that has the schedule? The formatting on the text version is a bit of a muddle.My suggestion: maybe one PLO8 is called for, it seems to have a bit of an online following. SHOE is not a bad idea as it has been an event in the past, or Round of Each (in other words, OE or HO, I know somebody does a tourney like that). Also, I would say if the buy in on the Main Event should be raised, it shouldn't go to $25k overnight, maybe gradually bring it up, make it $12k or $15k and bump it up a few years later. If you don't, next year we
  11. Not a bad idea, but the other guy who's most interested has mentioned some lowball games and even 5 card draw.
  12. Games Grid? I know they do tourneys that way.
  13. We have an idea how they do it at "The Big Game", but does anyone have any tips on how to set up a mixed games table at your local garage game? I tried to get one started tonight, but I didn't have enough players. I think some of the players who might play are afraid to leave the NLHE table behind with the fish. Next week, I'll probably be able to wrangle enough players.Do you do dealer choice, rotation? Does the game change on a certain number of hands, or a time limit?
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