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  1. I am a big spender and lost 9 dollars playing .01/.02 heads up.
  2. this is an example of pressing new topic instead of new reply.
  3. PokerPlease.com (the site is for sale so... yeah...)
  4. Terrible LOL! Havent had to pull this out in awhile, but this is cause for drastic measures ...Is your post spose to be ironic because it applies to itself?
  5. I really actually liked his all-in push on the river. I honestly think Ivey knew what the other dude had. A pair of tens, yet a Q came out on river, so how did he call the all-in without a commanding chip lead! Some of the others I think he just called by the over-all percent, I guess with his huge stack, he thought he could just go all-in till he won (with a draw)?I dunno, I really wanted him to win.
  6. I'm watching cavemandoc, hes pretty damn good.
  7. A couple years back my brother starting going to a home game, and after he did pretty decent at it I started going, we did whoever gets in money gives the other person their buy-in back if they lost. Today the home game has developped to these rich people's house, they have alot of 30+ 20-25$ buy-in tournaments. First is usually 400$, and for the most part everyone sucks at poker, so it's a great MTT. (Since it's only like 50 people, it's not so much on races and luck, more skill, ya luck can be a part, but skill much more.)I guess most people got in from the TV coverage, but where were your
  8. On another post people said I cant really make 200 a night, I have had my Party Poker account 8 Days... here is sshot of my real money... (zoom for maximum quality)http://www.mischiefc.com/My%20poker%20winnings.bmp
  9. Reading through the reply's, I decided not to post here anymore, way to much flaming, does this forum even have any mods?
  10. Party poker its easy to place, get good hand, double/triple up (seriously they will call you with any face card), press auto-fold. The 10-15% I don't place is when I get a good card get called with a face card and get a bad beat.
  11. Hey Bane, is your screen name supposed to be "baneOwnsyou"? What does "BanePwnsyou" mean? You pawn other players?1201=1_ //0013
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