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  1. When i suck out....I make sure that all the ejaculate is retained in my mouth and i make sure his balls are properly cleaned.
  2. Okay... back to my question. Ill host it.. just let me host some of those boyish bottoms in my shower. Ill flop them, then when they turn around, ill insert my river so then ill be all in. If you want more people to enter the tourny you should offer one of your boyish blond 4th graders as the 1st prize.This is no joke... lol hahahahhaha
  3. Lol... i just got the first bad beat in a live game and it was worth 200 bucks. As for this comment....theres nothing wrong with sodomy... once in a while... it cleans out the bowels....
  4. Take them for a trip to my house. I loves me some 4th grader ass. Then after i can show you what "All IN" really means.
  5. Dont be sorry.. lol its perfectly fine to share your opinions....
  6. Good point about losing all of your profit plus buy in Teph.. thanks for the comment..
  7. Listen, when you suck someones co.ck do you apologize when you choke on it?
  8. Then most likely i fold( considering pot odds, # of people in the pot,opponent).
  9. i dont know how it is in LA but thats the norm for raises in NY 10, 15, bucks is very common
  10. There arent any card rooms that hvae that spread..lol... And i began to despise online poker.
  11. Good point guinevar.... i sppreciate your help/suggestionsMy BR is around 800
  12. I dont think i was playing over my BR cause when i played a 5 dollar heads up i lost to a runner runner straight and i still felt like shit. I SHOULD of been up 400.. instead i went home talking to myself on the train.
  13. I do feel alot better... still a little lump in my stomach and throat
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