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  1. I don't know of any sites that still offer $10 for 1 million play chips. Best I've seen lately is $4-$5/mil.
  2. I'm thinkin I need some of whatever Daniel had.Sounds like some good @#%.
  3. Good luck folks.Thanks for the opportunity, cardcore.All the best.
  4. I would like to apply again too.fan1080 on Poker StarsSharkscope: Games Played: 1,371Av Profit: $2Av Stake: $6Av ROI: 27%Total Profit: $2,355OPR:http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/poker...ACB392.html?t=2I also have a blog I wrote recently while I attempted (successfully) to build a BR from $100 to $1000. Let me know if you would like to read some of it and I will send a link.Thanks.Edit to add sharkscope graph:
  5. Congrats to those who were chosen, all the best.Cardcore, thanks for the offer, very generous. I missed out on this one, but I will definitely be keeping an eye open for the next time.Good luck everyone.
  6. fan1080 on Poker StarsSharkscope: Games Played: 1,371Av Profit: $2Av Stake: $6Av ROI: 27%Total Profit: $2,355OPR:http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/poker...ACB392.html?t=2
  7. OP is mad because he didn't get any value from his boat. And, what is with the preflop min-raise? (edit: oh, missed the misclick note in op)Open folding is not reserved for donks only. I've seen some very successful on-line players do the same on the river.
  8. Should we adjust our bet size based on the number of people in the hand. For instance, we are 5 handed to the flop and the flop is draw heavy. A pot sized bet would offer correct drawing odds for most draws to the 4th and 5th players to act after our bet if everyone calls. So, should we assume everyone will call and over bet the pot based on that assumption, or do you adjust it down a bit assuming some will fold?I'm not a fan of just pushing the flop in most situations. There are of course times when a push is correct. But for this example let's assume everyone is deep stacked.Thoughts/ideas/o
  9. The only players who don't deserve a pot are the ones who fold the winning hand.This is what poker is all about as far as I'm concerned.
  10. That's poker, baby!Nice move on the river, IMO.
  11. Paradox indeed. But, I've caught more than one player trying to pull this move on me before when they tried to represent the made flush draw on the river. However, I've been caught paying off a flush draw as well.I'm not sure there is a straightforward decision in this situation. If there is, I'm missing it.
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