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  1. try underwater basket weavingi majored in underwater basket weaving
  2. Eli opened the pot with AK, John reraised with AQ, Eli is all in, John Folds.
  3. I agree. I browsed through it at B&N the other day. It seems damned good. That may be the only section I read. I just ordered one from Amazon.com.
  4. IMHO you should've reraised before the flop, but you didn't. I like the check-raise on the flop, but you shouldn't have raised that little. (Check-raising is a good move because you knew he would bet at it.) The pot was big enough at that point for you to push all of your chips in and take it down. I doubt he would've called with Ace high.
  5. If he is taking a "Secret Poker Vitamin" and if it is not some joke to make us create a forum to talk about it...then I think it would have to be a stimulant such as Adderall XR or Concerta. Nothing else would make much of a difference other than a placebo effect. Good thing for him he doesn't live in Canada anymore!
  6. If you sign up with ultimate bet they have a "mini view" which takes up much less space, and you can easily play 3 or 4 tables at once without overlapping. But make sure you are comfortable with the miniview because some players find it a little confusing at first, but they usually adjust quickly. If you wanna get crazy you could have three ultimate bet tables in miniview and an additional four (from a different site) on a huge monitor. This is a bit confusing.
  7. If the game is loose-passive, drawing hands become very profitable. Each time you play a marginal hand such as 67s or J9s you want to make sure you are playing against many players, and always you would want to be in late position with this hand. So, yeah, I would start playing more loose such as JTs and suited connectors. If you have a problem with variance, what I suggest is you play online where there are a wide variety of limits to play at. Good Luck (although it seems like you don' t need it). :wink:
  8. As long as you play hold em, yes.
  9. Say if you have a flush draw. You are a 4:1 dog to make it by the turn and about a 2:1 to do it by the river. So you need the pot to compensate.So on the flop if the bet is $20 to you, there has to at least be $80 in the pot not including your call. The more the better. The idea is if you do that same gamble over and over again you will break even. If there is more than 4:1 in the pot, you are making a profit regardless if you win that particular hand. Incorrect thinking: you are a 2:1 dog so you can call a 2:1 bet. You must think of your effective odds because if you miss your hand you will h
  10. I don't even know where to start with this load of junk."About 1% of people play better live than they do online." - just because you play better when you don't have to look anyone in the eye does not make it true for 99 out of 100 normal people. That doesn't even make any sense that EVERYONE is better online. "The prosecution rests" - once again, what the hell are you talking about? you are taking a small piece of his post out of context to prove your point. Did you completely ignore it when he explained that he made regular payments, and had pocket money constantly. Obviously, common se
  11. i thought he got second at a WPT tourney.
  12. You want to get called! :twisted: I wouldn't have gone all-in. I would have value bet about 3x BB, and if he raised you, then go all-in. It really doesn't matter though, one way or another you were gonna go all-in on that hand and there wasn't anything you could have done about it. Just a bad beat.Coudn't have said it better. I think that was about a 99:1 long shot. So if you play that hand 100 times you should be ahead $890 or so. Don't beat yourself up. It happens to everyone.
  13. I am not chasing, I am Semi-Bluffing. There is a big difference. I am not simply check-calling or calling when it comes to me. I am opening the bet and raising the bet. This is the advantage of pre-flop tightness and voluntarily putting money in the pot pre-flop less than 20% of the time, not 20%-25%.So to answer your question again, Not Really! This is the difference between Tight Aggressive and Tight Passive.
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