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  1. Man that was too much heads up almost 1 hour. Daniel played good but got nice and lucky with AA on 2 occasions. But Daniel accidentally slow rolled David in his excitement and winning a tournament.....lol I prefered Esfandiari's standing up and showing the AA not pausing then calling. Cant wait too see Tony G. talk trash next week. Hopefully not so much heads up.....Im all in tooo bi atch :shock: J
  2. I listen as much as I can. Friday 03/11/2005 show was so funny.......Cmon wheres the frosted brownie take. Romie has done poker takes. It related to a story where some college kids where playing poker in class and he was sarcastic saying hmmmm should u study for finals or think hard if u want to draw to an inside straight. LOl he was using all the jargon. War Daniel Negreaneu winning the Borgata this Wednesday and the Detroit Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup every year. Im all in too B iatch :shock: J
  3. Dear Shauna, Daniel N. is in a funk right now. Please pay him a visit in your sexist lingerie and perform a show for him. My spirits among other things would be lifted. :shock: Im in too b iatchJ
  4. You guys should read the blog where Daniel is in LA. He had homosexuals hitting on him and a thug offering him weed. He should not be so personal on these. Only poker. I played this day lalala i won this much lalala i lost this much. I played this ....i played loose, tight,,, lalalalala. He should stick to poker because his personal life and his interests do nothing for me and have caused him to come into contact with the weirdos in the world. IM ALL IN TOO B IATCHPaco :shock:
  5. I would definately like to see the biggest live games on television. It would have been great to watch Daniel lose his 1.3 million and then win 1.0 million of it back .....Now thats entertainmentIM ALL IN TOO BITCH :shock:
  6. Lol, Watching Mirage Poker Showdown.Anyone catch John J. against Eli Elezra. AK vs AQJust say no to devil tongue johnny GO ELI GO BABY
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