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  1. Yes!That is what we need. Just like the ring game histories so we can get them into PT.Please let us know if and when this will be done.Thanks,
  2. I have a Dell 24 inch widescreen and I run in 1920/1200 with no overlap.I even have about three inches of extra room.Hope this helps,
  3. I like the software but it seems to me it is lacking in sounds.The most bothersome part of this is when someone bets or makes a raise it is completely silent. Often times if I am looking away from the screen as soon as it is my turn to bet I think it is folded to me because I didn't hear a previous bet being made and with the chips when a bet is being made being so close to the rail of the table they are often more difficult to see.It just seems that there could be more sounds with the software and not just the ones I mentioned above.Is there any chance this will be addressed?Thanks,
  4. Looking under the private tourney tab and can't see it.Is that where it is at?
  5. Harrington on Hold em hands down.
  6. They would be my favorite site except for one thing.They have the all time worst customer service hands down.Their custumer flat sucks.
  7. I have mostly played tournaments up until about 6 weeks ago but Lately I have been playing much more no limit cash games. I am showing a profit but I don't know how many big blinds per 100 hands for no limit I should make to know if I am doing well enough or not.Please let me know and thanks in advance for any feedback.
  8. What is the buy in if you just want to pay in instead of trying to win a satellite?I don't see it there.
  9. Thats good to know thanks for the info.I guess Neteller feels that since we don't have tip dealers online that they can justify charging that.It will be nice not paying that much now.Thanks again for the info.
  10. I use Neteller.Is there really any difference one way or another between the two?
  11. yeah 19 and man is it sharp.I really don't want to take it back but I hate multi table play with table overlap.
  12. I am bummed.I just got my new flat panel today and the max resolution 1280/1024. I was so happy to get rid of that big 22 inch I didn't even think about trying to 4 table with the new flat screen without tables overlapping.Anyone have any ideas other than pay $800 + for a flat panel with higher resolution?If not I may be putting the big beast back on my desk as much as I hate to.
  13. Thanks Angryman.Do any of you know how to get in touch with anyone other than support@fulltiltpoker.com?I know the President is Ray Bitar but don't know an e-mail for him or anything.Please let me know if you do.
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