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  1. I'm puzzled! I've asked so many questions here before and they were always generously answered earlier I guess I'm flat out of luck =[
  2. well I'm looking for answers to questions like..:- what are the odds you'll flop a straight?- what are the odds you'll flop a pair and a straight draw?- what are the odds you'll flop a gutshot straight flush draw?- what are the odds you'll flop an open ended straight flush draw?and especially the differences between a suited gapped connector and a suited connector in these fields, I really want to see the exact difference in their strengths
  3. At the end of Super System, there are tables that were very useful to me. They would contain probability of flopping a certain hand for selected hole cards in hold'em.For example, it would say "You hold: AdKd" and list how likely you are to flop a flush, one pair etc.The featured hands in the Super System tables were AKs, a wired pair, and QJoHowever, I would very much like such a table for a small suited connector (like 5d6d) and a small suited gapped connector (like 7s9s)is this information available anywhere?Thanks for any help.
  4. isn't it a little unlikely that anyone we know will win (even reach the final table?)I'm rooting for Bertrand Grospellier !! good luck bertrand
  5. ah apparantly that was very well known, thanks alot guys
  6. what are the odds of getting dealt a certain hand?It's more likely that you get dealt a given hand with two different cards like AK than that you get dealt a given pocket pair like AA right?what are the odds of getting dealt AA?what are the odds of getting dealt AKo?what are the odds of getting dealt AKs?thanks a million for any help, even if you think this information is useless, I am still really curious
  7. NL players always tend to go the "are you limit pussies just scared to lose money or what?" way, but it's such a crappy argument.. NLHE players often play at stakes where they have 15x the maximum buy-in and are limiting the amount of influence variance can have on their bankroll just like limit playersTo answer the question; I am trying to learn NL but I am playing the micro limits and having $130 now, I can play $0.05/0.10 limit tables (had the bankroll for those since I had $30) or the $0.01/0.02 NL tables (had the bankroll for those since I had $75). Even though the NL ones require more th
  8. Okay, I've been trying to learn some of the basics of no limit and i'm playing 0.01/0.02I'm not entirely retarded, but I'm not exactly seeing this either: How do I play flush draws (9 outs, no other outs) in no limit?in limit it was simple, I called when the pot was big enough to warrant it (haven't read a book but pretty sure those are "pot odds") which is when they bet 1/5 of the pot or lessNow, in no limit i've been betting 1/3rd of the pot myself whenever I think I'm winning, and many other people seem to be doing this as well. So, that pretty much means I never have pot odds, which means
  9. just in case you are not convinced yet: $50 is NOT enough, play lower stakes ($0.05/$0.10 limit on pokerstars is ideal)
  10. many thanks dEv, that's basicly exactly what I was asking for
  11. Dixie Wrecked you just helped me out a lot. Thank you.
  12. I am mostly asking for situations where my opponent hasn't made any decisions yet at all and it is therefore impossible to have a readI think a list could be useful for 1vs1 play
  13. I found such a calculator already, but I really am looking for a complete list of all hole cards starting with AA and ending with .. 23o or 27o, I don't knowand if there cannot be such a list because the amount of players make one hand stronger and another weaker, I would still like a list for "when there are 2 players in" only
  14. Is there such a thing as a ranking of hole cards?Would the amount of players involved be a factor in which hand is favourite? For example, let's say there is hole cards A and hole cards B (hand A and hand B)if hand A goes up against hand B, hand A has only 45% chance to winbut if hand A goes up against hand B AND 2 other random hands at the same time, hand A becomes the favouriteis there such a case?If there's not such a case, then there should be a definite ranking of hole cards (e.g. AKo is strictly better than AQo and AQo is strictly better than 27o)Where can I find such a ranking if there
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