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  1. Doesn't this post belong in either the strat or bad beat forum?sw
  2. B) This post is lacking only in that DNA didn't make it.
  3. Did they cut the sound back off because they said **** on the air???
  4. At least I know it isn't just me!I had sound for .537 seconds just now...
  5. My only final table posts involve single table SNGs....Congrats!
  6. AARRGGHHH!!!!!!I'm at work!!!!! Daniel, i told you to call me first!
  7. They really only play for 4000-8000 match sticks.That's why they play in a private room, they are embarassed...
  8. I have never before posted saying that this is the worst post ever....THIS IS THE WORST POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 1. You're probably right2. You did the right thing3. KudosAnd, if you are not that will be proven out as well. Always report!
  10. Co-worker now asking me what I'm laughing at and I can't tell them...
  11. Q4Anyone could have seen that....SW
  12. I'd suggest looking and posting in strategy, not general. Read some books too.
  13. Never heard "The Gambler" there either...
  14. You newbies think it's all about luck... Monopoly is a game of skill, you just have to be able to handle the variance.
  15. My condolences. I hope that all of the responses that you are receiving from FCP help you in this time of need.
  16. I know - EIGHT LOUSY MINUTES... And Ron at a table with Daniel no less!
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