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  1. you use your head you moron. you clearly show your age. you specifically do a horrible job representing and moderating this forum. you have no idea how to communicate and respond in a respectful and professional manner. Instead of using this opportunity to validate the complaint, and explaining how managing the number of posts works, you actually insult me. Why on earth wouldn't you lead with saying something like, "I agree that his statement was inappropriate; however..." It's because you are the same kind of young dumb red neck like he is. Now I remember why I stayed away from this fo
  2. The Avs just need a wily veteran to help them make the push. I hear Forsberg is available.
  3. if he had it, why wouldn't he have checked to go for the check-raise?
  4. "Many women would have a really difficult time dealing with me being busy and on the road so much, but Lori was totally cool with it."she minded.
  5. Here's a hat trick. The Red Wings have three of the four top spots among all Western Conference vote-getters in the NHL All-Star fan balloting
  6. Jeff

    Poker Haikus

    Rest in Peace Chip Reese You were only 56 Poker will miss you
  7. Ohio State sucks. Ohio State will always suck.
  8. Ohio State sucks. Ohio State will always suck. Ohio State graduates will always work for Michigan Graduates.
  9. Michigan football alumniTom BradyTodd CollinsScott DreisbachElvis GrbacBrian GrieseDrew HensonJohn NavarreJim HarbaughTom HarmonJamie MorrisButch WoolfolkRob LytleMike HartTim BiakabutukaTyrone WheatleyCharles WoodsonBraylon EdwardsAnthony CarterDesmond HowardDan DierdorfTy LawGreg SkrepanekStefan HumphriesDerrick AlexanderTai StreetsMarquise WalkerGerald Ford
  10. Michigan football has:Most wins (868) and highest winning percentage (.746) in NCAA Division I-A football history The most conference championships of any college football program in any conference (42) The most winning seasons (109) The most undefeated seasons in Division 1-A football (25) One of only two schools with a winning record against every Division 1-A conference, including independent schools such as Notre Dame. 11 national championships, among the most in college football history. The largest scoring delta (points for minus points against) in college football history The highest NC
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