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  1. Nice close, scanner. I like activism and that letter is well done.
  2. The Silly War on Internet Gambling By Jacob Weisburg
  3. This is actually the source of 80% of illegal immigration. "I had to get away from the blind structure amigos! Whatever."
  4. I have no doubt it's over 1.5. If it's sick even to him? Got to be.
  5. Can you expand on this governator? I often wonder if I'm actively destroying my computer in some way I have no idea about.
  6. thanks guys, i'll give it the ol college try and see what cooks off
  7. i don't suppose you could expand on that steve? i have no clue what that means
  8. have you gone through it? i can read the info, i was wondering if anyone has shot this thing down? Thanks for the reply.
  9. anybody know much about this $750 100% deposit bonus? tough to clear? it says $10 at a time, so i wouldn't think too bad, but if anyone has some info, holla.
  10. my table is tight tightand..out. the nut flush draw didn't get there
  11. I think the key really is wearing shades so ridiculous in style as to never be appropriate in any other climate. For instance I wear boxy, dark, small lens shades which don't make any damn sense at all without a blues brothers outfit.
  12. what part of "general poker forum" don't you understand?? This is way too specific for here. We try to deal in only vague references and ambiguous broad topics here.
  13. This reads as a great satire to me. Who made the alternate account to make up the ultimate mundane poker post?? Will the world ever know?
  14. I'd say its definitely the Ayn Rand say or check out the new Galt's Gulch forum where all the really really good forum members go to live in a perfect ideal forum world.
  15. can you knock out an example? that may light the fire in both directions.
  16. in the 1-2 AND 2-5 nl game i play at the small (six tables) riverboat casino, they allow live straddle for ANY amount (including all in) from any position excepting the blinds. It gives last action preflop only from utg though. button straddles are obviously a nice mixup strategy to shake things up. Of course, in that game things are usually pretty shaken up already without straddling.
  17. how you doing rdog? i'm at 8.4 now, anyone else still in?
  18. no bubba, tell us how you REALLY feel9k
  19. halftime of the 2pm cdt hour--3240 in chipsedit. kk all in on q high flop. villain shows qq. k on turn. next hand, make a straight. at 6600 now
  20. in other news, i'm down to 1.5 k at break. anybody doing good?
  21. yeah, easter was the day they shot jesus. duh.
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